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Young Professionals Special Interest Group: YP Mentoring Scheme


The YP Mentoring scheme has evolved to support young professionals currently in our industry. The majority of young professional members use their mentor for career advice or planning, technical development, life experience (working in different countries, etc.) and general support.  So far the scheme has been successful, one of the reasons for this is because we do not assign people randomly, instead we try to get as much information from the mentee with regards to what they want to get out of the scheme, where they would like their career to go and what their technical interests are. We then use this information to try and assign them to a suitable mentor who has had a similar career to the one they want.  To make sure that the scheme is not abused, a mentee cannot request a specific mentor or specific company, however they can request a type of company and mentor, e.g. a development geologist from a super major.  

PESGB YP Mentoring Scheme

We normally start off with assigning one mentee to a mentor, we will then introduce you both via email and it is then put in the mentees hands to contact their mentor and arrange your first meeting.  We put a lot of emphasis on the mentees role when they sign up, they are in charge of arranging and driving the mentoring relationship forward as this helps to take the burden off the mentors who are often very busy at work. 

We have found so far that many mentors and mentees meet face to face once or twice and the rest of the mentoring is carried out via email and telephone, however we leave it to you to decide what your preference is.

If you would like to find out more or sign up to the PESGB YP Mentoring scheme, please email

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