Proposed change to Charitable Objects

Thank you to the members who took part in the indicative vote at the end of last year relating to the Change of the PESGB Charitable Objects and name.

There was overwhelming support for changing our Charitable Objects to reflect the broadening needs of our members and society. Of the members who answered this question 79% supported the proposal with 19% against and 2% abstaining.

The formal membership vote to change our Charitable Objects with the Charity Commission is now open. Online voting will close at 17:00 (GMT) on 01 March 2022.

This vote has an impact on the future of the society.  Please take the time to have your say.

View PESGB President Julian Bessa talk about the vote here

View the update on the Charitable Vote from PESGB President Julian Bessa here



This is a Special Resolution and requires 75% of the votes to be in favour of the proposed change, to pass.

To comply with the charity commission regulations:
The first notification of the vote went out on social media on the 24
th of January and notifications have been going out throughout the following two weeks informing the membership of the vote.  The vote opens formally on the 7th of Feb but doesn’t close until 5pm on the 01st March in order to give members every opportunity to vote.

This is a Special Resolution; it was tabled at the AGM but could not take place due to failings in the Charity Commissions communications caused by Covid. All permissions have been sought and received for the vote from the Charity Commission.

The PESGB is committed to giving the members a voice in the future of their society. This vote will be conducted by Survey Monkey and will be open to the entire membership.  Each member only receives one vote any duplicate votes will not be counted and the original vote will be disqualified.

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