Education & Training Director

Aaron Lockwood
Education & Training Director

  • The role of Director of Education and Training is to work with the office team to develop the programme of activities that benefit the membership around education and training.
  • Developing a programme of field trips, training courses and core workshops which respond to the needs and wants of the membership. Working with the office team to respond to member feedback and networking within the industry to secure the best speakers and trainers.
    The expectation of the role will include:
    Field trips: At least 2 per year, one of which should be related to the upcoming OGA licence round. The OGA are oscillating between mature and frontier area licence rounds and field trips should try and mirror this.
    Courses: A minimum of 2 “relevant” courses. By “relevant’ they cover a current area of interest in petroleum exploration in the widest sense.  Courses can be one day or up to five days depending on the topic and the memberships interest in the topic.
    Other workshops: These are more broad in their remit and cover fundamental skill development as opposed to specific geographical or geological areas. Good examples here would be, seismic interpretation, risk management, core analysis.  These workshops can be done in partnership with other Associations and we would expect a minimum of 4 in one year.
  • Is responsible for the giving of grants and the follow up with the MSc students who receive funding for their courses.
  • Liaises with the Young Professionals regarding the University outreach programme. This involves coordinating with the office and using contacts to secure opportunities within Universities for visits to promote the society to students.
  • Works with the ED to prepare budgets for the coming year on the Education and Training programme.
  • Will attend the Outreach and SCID Committee.

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