2015-2019 Report and Accounts

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB) took place at the Geological Society Lecture Theatre, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, on Tuesday 13 June 2017 at 6pm, immediately preceding the London Evening Lecture.
For further information regarding the AGM, please see the Constitution. The purpose of the AGM is to approve the minutes of the previous AGM and to receive and vote upon the accounts of the previous year (in this case the 2016 accounts).

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2017 Outlook

The PESGB plans to further promote education into the scientific and technical aspects of petroleum exploration during 2017 and to continue to provide and organise education activities and services. It will continue its external relationships with other societies and look for opportunities to work together. The health of the PESGB finances will underpin the operational activity for 2017 as we ensure that funds are spent in the areas where the most impact will be felt and where the objectives of the charity are best served.

We will develop a programme for 2017 which works collaboratively with other organisations and societies across the industry and it will engage with non-members and friends and family of the existing membership with the ambition of spreading the excitement and relevance of geology. The ‘reach’ and engagement opportunities within 2017 programme will ‘go’ further than any other year for the PESGB in the past.

The downturn in the oil industry began in 2014 and the industry experts expect the repercussions to have an impact for several years to come. A largescale and at times brutal economic upheaval, in any industry, produces change at all levels, some permanent and others temporary. The PESGB is committed to continuing to serve the membership, with a focus on those who have lost their employment and those just entering the industry.

The Young Professionals Network which is a successful SIG for those with less than 10 years industry experience. In 2017 we will explore the opportunities to work together with other organisations and their networks to create a YP focused event that is new and innovative.

The 2016 Strategy will direct the PESGB through 2017, in order to stay ‘true’ to the message and our charitable objectives we strive to achieve the milestones and continue to support the membership through the services we offer.

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