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Stand Number 23
Twitter @AirbusSpace
Website Address www.airbusds-ogm.com


The Intelligence programme line of Airbus Defence and Space is a recognised world leader in geo-information, with unmatched access to satellite imagery and unparalleled expertise. Supporting all stages of the oil, gas and mining project lifecycle – regional geological studies, oil seep mapping, environmental baseline analysis, terrain evaluation, and monitoring services. 


Cambridge Carbonates Ltd 

Stand Number C18


Website Address

Jo Garland




Cambridge Carbonates are a geological consultancy that provides expertise in carbonate and evaporite systems. Our bespoke services include evaluation and interpretation of all vintages and types of geological data, regional studies and play evaluations, and reservoir characterisation studies. We also have a range of multi-client reports available to purchase.

Canesis Data Limited

Stand Number 17
Website Address http://www.canesis.net/


Canesis Data is focussed on producing an expanding portfolio of non-exclusive seismic and well data packages from legacy data. Our emphasis is on high-quality product at a cost-effective price. Data is available from Africa, Argentina, Canada, Indonesia, Iran, Myanmar (Andaman Sea) and South China Sea (China, Philippines and Vietnam).

Carnarvon Petroleum 

Stand Number F6
Website Address





Carnarvon Petroleum is a dynamic and successful Australian ASX-listed hydrocarbon exploration company.  Carnarvon’s “basin-master” focus on the geology of the NW Shelf of Australia has resulted in a growing portfolio of high quality exploration and appraisal assets.  The company has a non-operated interest in the Phoenix-Roc gas condensate discovery area (Browse) and a 100% (operated) near-term appraisal/development asset Buffalo (North Bonaparte ) and a suite of exploration licences.

Carnarvon is presently participating in two wells (Dorado-1 and Phoenix South-3) which are targeting sufficient resources to bring the Phoenix-Roc-Dorado complex to a development plan.  The results of these wells are expected imminently.

Farmout opportunities are available on some of Carnarvon’s assets, with Labyrinth (Browse) information available at this conference.

The company’s motto “Think Different – Act Different” is resulting in increasing value to all stakeholders.


Stand Number C12
Contact Vesna Vokins


Offers services to petroleum geology professionals – digital publisher for the AAPG geoscience community and 60+ other societies worldwide. Archives and catalogues geological publications in electronic formats through: Archive, Search&Discovery, GIS-UDRIL and DEO-GIS which bringing deep indexing technology to the search-and-retrieval of geospatial data formats for import to mapping applications.

Drilling Info

Stand Number 19
Email Mackenzie.grant@drillinginfo.com
Website Address https://info.drillinginfo.com/
Contact MacKenzie Grant


Drillinginfo is the go-to source for oil & gas analytics and intelligence around the world. With scouting articles for over 200 countries, insights on upcoming opportunities, and detailed timelines and map layers, Drillinginfo provides the who, what, when, where, and why of the global oil & gas industry.


Stand Number C11
Website Address www.eage.org


EAGE is a professional association for geoscientists and engineers. It is an organization with a worldwide membership of approximately 19,000 providing a global network of commercial and academic professionals and students. The association is truly multi-disciplinary and international in form and pursuits. EAGE operates two divisions: Oil & Gas Geoscience and Near Surface Geoscience

GEO ExPro 

Stand Number C14
Email kirsti.karlsson@geoexpro.com
Website Address http://www.geoexpro.com
Contact Kirsti Karlsson


GEO ExPro is an interdisciplinary worldwide magazine and online publication. Articles in the GEO ExPro Magazine and articles posted on the GEO ExPro Web App reflect the wide range of topics and issues that are of interest to the upstream geoscience community and beyond.


Part of the DataCo Group, including Geognostics, GeoRes and DataCo


Stand Number 24
Telephone +447738762522
E-Mail daniel.clarke@dataco.co.uk
Website Address http://www.geognostics.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/datacoltd
LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/868552/
Contact Daniel Clarke

Geognostics is the Exploration Consulting company of the DataCo Group.  Representing more than 20 years of global research the Geognostics Earth Model (GEM) provides a detailed bottom-up view of global geology and basins, accurately reconstructed back in time.    The DataCo Group provides Exploration and Reservoir Consultancy Services supported by Data, Information and Data Science Services from our global hubs in the Asia Pacific region, Europe, and the USA


Stand Number 11
Email simon.crellin@geokinetics.com
Website Address http://www.geokinetics.com/
Contact Simon Crellin


Geokinetics is one of the world’s largest independent land and seafloor geophysical companies.  The company specializes in acquiring and processing seismic data in challenging environments worldwide.  Geokinetics’ Multi-Client Survey Library consists of both 2D and 3D data, covering conventional and unconventional plays throughout North America, Brazil and Mexico. 

IHS Markit 

Stand Number C17


Website Address

Tiffany Davies




Today’s global energy landscape is dynamic. Our Energy Solutions comprise some of the most extensive information, analytics, insight, and advisory services in the world. We deliver oil and gas databases and software, energy supply and demand forecasts, and comprehensive data on transactions at the global and regional market levels.


Stand Number F1
E-Mail stuart.darling@iongeo.com
Website Address www.iongeo.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/IONGeophysical/
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/
Contact Stuart Darling


ION has been a technology leader for 50 years with a strong history of innovation. Leveraging innovative technologies, ION creates value through data capture, analysis and optimization to enhance companies’ critical decision-making abilities and returns.  Our offerings are focused on improving E&P decision-making, enhancing reservoir management and optimizing offshore operations.

JMJ Petroleum

Stand Number C3
E-Mail jmj@jmjpetroleum.com
Website Address www.jmjpetroleum.com
Contact Dr John Jacques


JMJ Petroleum is a multidisciplinary upstream oil and gas consultancy group that has specialised over the last 12 years in the exploration potential of the basins of the Asia-Pacific region.  Our services range from regional and basin scale exploration screening through to in-depth block evaluations and prospects and leads mapping.

Katalyst Data Management

Stand Number 8
Telephone +44 1795 592370
Contact David Norburn
Website Address http://www.katalystdm.com/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/katalystdm/
Twitter https://twitter.com/katalystdm


Katalyst provides full life cycle subsurface data management solutions and cloud services for the oil and gas industry. Geoscientists can access and spatially manage their data securely online with the PPDM-compliant iGlass database ESRI map interface. Data owners can buy or sell seismic data via Katalyst’s online marketplace SeismicZone.com.

Mandala Energy

Stand Number C0
Website Address https://mandalaenergy.com/

SE Asian focused private equity-funded upstream company, seeking to leverage the extensive experience, business & technical integrity of our teams


Stand Number 14
Website Address http://www.mcg.no/

MultiClient Geophysical (MCG) and Geoex are global geophysical and geological data providers, specialising in multi-client seismic surveys. Our activity is focused on technical and strategic support to oil & gas companies and governments.

Monarch Geophysical

Stand Number C5
Website Address www.monarchgeo.com
Contact  Malcolm King


Monarch Geophysical provides expert management, QC and advice for all seismic projects – acquisition and processing, time and depth, land, marine and TZ, 2D, 3D, 4D. Monarch’s expertise is the 5th DIMENSION. Project management is provided by 8 very experienced geophysicists using modern software packages.


New Zealand Oil & Gas Ltd 

Stand Number F8
Email Chris.McKeown@nzog.com
Website Address www.nzog.com
Contact Chris McKeown


New Zealand Oil & Gas Ltd, New Zealand’s largest listed exploration and production company.

New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals

Stand Number F8
Email ewa.ginal-cumblidge@mbie.govt.nz
Website Address www.nzpam.govt.nz
Contact Ewa Ginal-Cumblidge


New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals,  part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), is the agency that leads and actively manages the New Zeland Government’s petroleum and minerals portfolio.


Stand Number 1
Email martine.davis@nventures.co.uk
Website Address http://www.nventures.co.uk/
Telephone +44 (0)7791 798676
Contact Martine Davis


NVentures provides information and insight to exploration teams monitoring activity and local exploration results. This includes subsurface context, as well as New Ventures and Business Development groups analysing opportunities, trends and the farm-out market. Companies utilise the NVentures product suite to determine market focus and resource priorities.

OMV Australasia 

Stand Number F8
Email alan.clare@omv.com
Website Address http://www.omv.com
Contact Alan Clare


OMV Australasia is a hydrocarbon producer and explorer with in New Zealand. The company holds interests in the Taranaki , East Coast & the Great South Basins of New Zealand. It is also involved in the onshore pipeline ownership. OMV New Zealand Limited is a subsidiary of OMV Aktiengesellschaft.


Stand Number 12
Email tanya.devasiani@opacbarata.co.id
Website Address http://www.opacbarata.co.id/
Contact Tanya Devasiani


Indonesia resembles a jungle for the uninitiated. We have been established in Jakarta nearly twenty years helping operators, investors, software vendors and service companies become established, recruit the best staff, find and operate prime acreage, win contracts and deal with the government. “Your guide through the petroleum jungle”.



Stand Number C9
Email pesgb@persgb.org.uk
Website Address www.pesgb.org.uk
Contact Rosy Chirayath


The PESGB was established in 1964 by a group of like-minded professionals keen to create a community of geoscientists for networking and sharing ideas. Over 50 years on, we have a membership of over 5000 individuals, active in all six continents. In addition to serving our industry by providing low-cost networking and knowledge-sharing events, we have an extensive disbursements programme which supports the education of earth sciences in the wider community.

PetroStrat Limited 

Stand Number  C4
Email john.gregory@petrostrat.com
Website Address www.petrostrat.com
Contact Dr F. John Gregory


We provide integrated stratigraphical/geological services, full service palaeontology with  sedimentology/reservoir geology (core-logging, petrography, log and image log interpretation).  Based in Conwy, St Albans and Houston, and in South East Asia through collaborative partners Uzma in KL. Specialists in high resolution, quantitative reservoir scale studies, wellsite (real-time), routine proprietary/non-proprietary biostratigraphy.


Stand Number 16
E-Mail  Graham.Pound@pgs.com
Website Address  https://pgs.com
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/7555/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/petroleumgeoservices/
Twitter https://www.twitter.com/PGSNews
Contact Graham Pound


PGS is a leading, worldwide geophysical company providing an extensive range of seismic services and products for the petroleum industry including seismic data acquisition, processing, reservoir monitoring and analysis, interpretation and electromagnetic studies. The company also possesses the world’s most extensive 3D MultiClient data library.


RISC Advisory

Stand Number 4
Website Address http://riscadvisory.com/
Contact Lisa King


RISC Advisory is an independent oil and gas consultancy offering the highest level of technical and commercial advice. RISC works with operators, non-operators, banks and private equity firms using highly experienced staff from our offices in London, Dubai, Jakarta, Perth and Brisbane. We offer a totally independent and practical perspective.

RockWash, PhotoSTRAT and Mineralogy

Stand Number 20
Website Addresse http://www.rockwash.co.uk/
Contact Doug Langton
Telephone 07816967230


RockWash provides a unique sample preparation service and high-resolution cuttings photography (PhotoSTRAT) with continuous XRF analysis. Additional services include of petrographic slide and core scanning.

X-ray Mineral Services Ltd provides a high-quality X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analytical service. A fully equipped UK laboratory offers a comprehensive analysis and with global experience.


Stand Number F4
Website Address www.rpsgroup.com/energy
Contact Dawn Murton


RPS is a global independent consultancy, providing integrated technical, commercial, project management and training services.  By combining our expertise in geoscience and engineering with an extensive knowledge of environmental and safety issues we advise clients across the complete asset life-cycle, from Upstream E&P, Midstream, Downstream Refining & Marketing to Gas & Power.

Sharp Reflections 

Stand Number C1
Email adrian.smith@sharpreflections.com
Website Address https://sharpreflections.com/

Sharp Reflections uses big data technology to accelerate analysis pre-stack seismic. Our flagship software, Pre-Stack Pro is built for the interactive processing and interpretation from memory of gathers for huge 3D datasets. It has modules for full processing, AVO, full-azimuth analysis and inversion.

Shearwater GeoServices

Stand Number F5
Email marketing@shearwatergeo.com
Website www.shearwatergeo.com

Shearwater’s modern fleet, expert imaging teams and innovative software
combine to offer exceptional results. Fast, flexible and cost-effective, Shearwater
is the cutting edge geophysical services company.

Spectrum Geo

Stand Number 13
Email marketing@spectrumgeo.com
Website Address http://www.spectrumgeo.com/


Spectrum is established as a key player in the seismic services market. The company focuses on delivering high-quality Multi-Client seismic data and Seismic Imaging services. Spectrum holds the world’s largest offshore 2D seismic library and a significant amount of 3D data.


Stand Number F7
E-Mail henrik.lundin@tagoil.com
Website Address www.tagoil.com
Telephone Tel: +64.6.7594847, Cell: +64.275222247
Contact Henrik Lundin


TAG Oil is Canadian E&P company with assets in New Zealand and Australia. TAG leverages its extensive Taranaki portfolio of low risk, 3D-defined prospects in and around existing discoveries to grow high-netback production, generate cash flow, and to invest into exploration.TAG is looking for a partner in these assets.



Stand Number 22
E-Mail mmasham@slb.com
Website Address www.multiclient.slb.com
Contact Matthew Masham


With more than 40 years of experience in seismic data acquisition, processing, and imaging, we have leveraged advanced expertise and technology to create the industry’s most comprehensive 2D and 3D multiclient seismic data library and data integration projects which cover the world’s major hydrocarbon basins.


Seismic and geophysical services


Stand Number C8


Zebra Data Sciences

Stand Number 6
Email info@zebradata.com
Website Address http://www.zebradata.com


The renowned EZDataRoom® and HydrocarbonAssets™ services from ZDS are well known for facilitating Asset Divestments and Data Trades on a global scale. ZDS also assists Governments and NOCs with the marketing of Licence Rounds. With our comprehensive service of promoting and marketing G&G information via online data rooms, we can increase the chance of a successful result.

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