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Adinvenio Multimedia Ltd.
Dr Greg Samways – Petroleum Geologist
Petroleum geologist with 20+ years’ experience
of geological description and training in all major depositional systems and G&G disciplines, from exploration to production-scale. Specialist in sequence stratigraphy, log analysis, sedimentology, petrography, inorganic geochemistry, diagenetic modelling, reservoir quality analysis and prediction, and reservoir modelling. Experienced project manager skilled at defining workflows, scheduling and delivering focused integrated multidisciplinary play fairway to reservoir-scale studies.
T: +33 (0)5 55 785420
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AKM Geoconsulting Ltd.
Dr Adam K Moss – Core Analysis Petrophysicist
Core provides a unique opportunity to “see and touch” a reservoir: AKM Geoconsulting can help you make the most of this prospect. Adam Moss is a core analysis expert with over 25 years’ petrophysical experience; he works with assets and multi-functional teams to define best-practice workflows and ensure high quality core analysis data. He can also help with: design and management of SCAL test programmes, core to log integration, building saturation height function models and integration of core data into reservoir models. Adam provides bespoke training on a wide range of petrophysical topics to an international portfolio of clients.
T: +44 (0)785 8089247

Calibrated Geoscience UK Ltd
Dr Tim J. S. Sykes – Geophysicist
• geophysical analysis for exploration, appraisal, development and unitisation acquired over 25+ years across varied geological settings globally
• interpretation of 2D(HR/UHR)/3D/4D data – calibrated by synthetic well-ties/VSPs (incorporating QI/AVO analysis) – for velocity modelling/depth conversion, structural framework construction, volumetric assessments, reservoir characterisation, seismic processing, well planning and discipline integration
• data manipulation and analysis using Python/iPython and machine learning
• expert workflows – creation, execution and mentoring e.g. Petrel, Cegal

Further information and available services are on our website.
T: +44 (0)7771 922 897

Geospatial Research Ltd.
Integrated Geoscience from Fieldwork, Satellite & Map Data
Technology-savvy consultancy with very wide experience spanning most of the world’s petroleum provinces at a variety of scales: from global geodynamics to prospect-scale mapping to subseismic fracture networks. Detailed outcrop capture using lidar & UAVs. Many months fieldwork each year. Field training and bespoke field trips.
Richard Jones

Needham Geoscience Limited
Dr Tim Needham – Structural geologist
Consultant structural geologist with 20+ years of experience worldwide, including NW Europe, Africa, Middle East and the Americas. Work at all scales, ranging from core description to regional tectonics with extensive experience in fault and fault seal analysis, fractured reservoir studies, structural restoration and QC of interpretations for exploration and production.
T: +44 (0)1943 277030 / +44 (0)7884 404373

Ogilvie Geoscience Ltd
Dr Steven Ogilvie – Fractured Reservoirs/Structural Geology
Expertise in fractured reservoir characterisation and field-scale structural geology.
Structural core description, in-situ stress analyses, structural interpretation of seismic data. All aspects of appraisal and development of fractured reservoirs including conceptual models, input for simulation, target planning, data acquisition. 20 year’s International experience in Africa, Asia, Middle East and NW Europe, the most recent being with fractured basement on the Rona Ridge, West of Shetland.
T: +44 (0) 7411 053711

OPC (Oilfield Production Consultants Ltd.)
Integrated Geosciences and Subsurface Engineering
Oilfield Production Consultants (OPC) is a global technical consultancy providing geosciences (geology, geophysics, petrophysics), subsurface engineering, reservoir management, drilling, facilities and economics expertise. We perform a diverse range of specialised, discipline-specific projects (e.g. seismic interpretation, well test analysis), to fully integrated projects (e.g. FDP’s), for licence rounds, exploration, field development and production optimisation. OPC deploy staff, consultants and technology in-house at OPC, and externally to our client’s offices and well sites. Examples of our services include: i) independent asset evaluations (reserves audit/CPR/equity dispute/M&A) ii) training iii) production, development and exploration studies, iv) an on demand subsurface team for oil companies.
Piers Johnson, Managing Director
Toby Gledhill, Principal Geoscientist
T: +44 (0)20 7428 1111   

Phil Mollicone
Experienced oil industry geophysicist

Extensive background of seismic interpretation & mapping; collaborative team working; depth conversion & sensitivity analysis; QI & AVO; and recently seismic acquisition & processing, all of it across a wide range of geologic and geographic provinces.
T: +44 (0) 777 572 6408

Reservoir Geosolutions Ltd
Dr Karen Higgs – Petrographer and Reservoir Geologist
Over 25 years’ of experience in petrography, sedimentology, inorganic geochemistry, and sequence stratigraphy, providing geoscience services to the petroleum and CCS industries. Reservoir evaluation of all major clastic depositional environments, with study areas from around the world. Specialist in reservoir diagenesis and integrated reservoir characterisation studies, providing a fast, reliable, high-quality service at competitive prices. Please visit the website for more information.
T: 07962 712126

SeisWise Ltd.
Christopher H. Walker
Seismic Data Processing Consultant
Contractor supervision; expert advice on reprocessing, trial processing, processing contracts; training courses. Over 40 years’ experience, MA (Cambridge, mathematics) MBA.
T: +44 (0)1234 771536

TERRASYS Geophysics
Integrated Analysis, Modelling, Inversion and Interpretation

Based in Hamburg as independent consultancy, TERRASYS offers interpretation services to the international exploration industry, focusing on non-seismic technologies. In close cooperation with our clients we ensure that gravity and magnetics plus other constraining data will be utilized most effectively within integrated workflows. We apply our own multi-disciplinary modelling and joint inversion tools for reliable geological solutions, from structural earth models to seismic velocity validations. Complex targets and tectonics require specific solutions, thus our flexible approach aims to reduce model uncertainty and exploration risk, either on plays, prospects or reservoirs.
T: +49 40 2800460

Tewcan Energy Consultants
Simon Haworth – Development Geoscientist
Facing issues getting answers from your 3D models to address appraisal/development/production related problems? Can’t link business decisions to the model outcomes? Multiple scenarios getting in the way of the critical uncertainties impacting your decision making? If you need answers to these questions, look no further. Simon is an expert Development Geologist with jedi-level Petrel knowledge. In particular, the front-end aspects of the model building process – model framing, planning and execution. An expert collaborator that can help build a common understanding of your requirements. Get in touch to discuss your model needs and understand how to plan a realistic, integrated modelling schedule.
T: +44 (0)7989473934



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