Play Fairway Analysis, Velocity analysis and depth conversion Night School

31 January - 9 February 2022

Course Description

Session 1 | Basin Screening and Play Fairway Analysis
Facilitator: Alan Foum
Date: Monday 31 January 2022
6:00pm – 8:00pm

A workshop aimed at getting an understanding of play fairway analysis for basin screening and focussing exploration and new ventures efforts – this course covers

  • Why Screen Basins?
  • Different Types of Hydrocarbon Contact
  • Minimum Economic Volumes for Different Types of Oil and Gas Development
  • What is PFE?
  • Well Results Analysis
  • Seals – The Cinderella of Petroleum Exploration
  • Play Statistics
  • Building Play Fairway Maps
  • Common Segment Risking
  • Yet to Find Estimation


Session 2 | Prospect Analysis in Exploration
Facilitator: Alan Foum
Date: Wednesday 02 February 2022
6:00pm – 8:00pm

A workshop aimed at gaining an understanding of exploration concepts

this course covers

  • Plays Prospects Leads and Concepts
  • Estimating Chance of Success
  • Biases – How to recognise them and try to deal with them
  • Volumetric Estimation
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Introduction to Development Concepts


Session 3 | Appraisal – discoveries to Projects
Facilitator: Alan Foum
Date: Monday 07 February 2022
6:00pm – 8:00pm

A brief overview of appraisal geophysics to enable your geoscientists to have an awareness of appraisal concepts

  • What is field Appraisal – decision management systems, project classification and development concepts
  • Brief overview of Reserves, Resources and Economics – how does the geologist fit into this process
  • What are the main uncertainties in field appraisal and what can we do to manage them?
  • Brief overview of the value of information -using Bayes Theorem to polarise risk

Session 4 | Depth Conversion and Velocity Modelling
Facilitator: Alan Foum
Date: Wednesday 09 February 2022
6:00pm – 8:00pm

A workshop aimed at getting an understanding of the issues involved in depth conversion and velocity modelling. Enables geologists and engineers to effectively understand and communicate with geophysicists – this course covers

  • Why Depth Convert
  • Velocity Definitions
  • Depth Conversion Methods
  • Stochastic Depth Conversion
  • Depth Domain Seismic
  • Lateral Interpolation – making Maps and Models- Tying wells
  • QC Tools

Who should attend:
Aspiring, future leaders in the oil and gas industry who want to acquire skills beyond the academic and technical and obtain insights into the commercially orientated analysis. Acquire the global perspectives essential to professional success.

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