Liverpool Branch Meeting

'Chasing the Triassic Continental Sandstone Play Fairway across NW Africa: Characteristics, Challenges and Opportunities' Prof Jonathan Redfern, North Africa Research Group, University of Manchester

19th April 2018


During the breakup of Pangea, Triassic rift basins developed across North Africa, filled by thick sequences of continental red beds.  These sequences comprise ephemeral and perennial fluvial sandstones, aeolian sandstones, alluvial fan conglomerates, playa, floodplain and lacustrine mudrocks.  Toward the end of the Triassic many basin experience a transgression with deposition of marine limestones and mudstones, and where the palaeogeography and climatic conditions were conducive, thick sequences of evaporites were deposited that act as a regional super-seal.   This interval forms an important reservoir across North Africa, with over a billion barrels discovered in Algeria, Libya and Tunisia.

The Triassic system is now being actively explored in Morocco, with the recent Tendrara wells drilled by Sound Energy testing gas from Triassic sandstones, extending this play fairway to the west.   There are many other Triassic rifts along NW African margin where a similar play exists, some undrilled, whose prospectivity is unknown

The talk will review our understanding of the controls and characteristics of the main depositional systems, reservoir distribution and quality, source and seal and implications for the petroleum system. We will discuss challenges for exploration and development and the opportunities for this play along the NW Africa margin.

Triassic fluvial sandstone: Argana Basin, Morocco

Venue Information

Venue information

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Herdman Lecture Theatre, University of Liverpool

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Brownlow St, Liverpool, Merseyside, L69, United Kingdom
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