London Evening Lecture: January 2019

Advanced structural and stratigraphical interpretation—A fresh approach in extracting geological knowledge from seismic data With Hilda Parra, Interpretation & Modeling Technical Advisor, CGG

15th January 2019



Kindly sponsored by CGG

Enabling more complete imaging and interpretation of seismic geomorphology and stratigraphy requires improvements to structural interpretation, and the development of techniques to remove selected structure from the seismic volume. Complex faulting masks the presence of depositional systems in seismic volumes. Volumetric imaging of faults based on attributes that image discontinuities in the seismic volume began at several energy companies in the early to mid-1990s (e.g., Bahorich et al., 1995), and resulted in the development of Coherence™ and related edge imaging attributes. Unfortunately, the image of a fault produced by an edge imaging attribute is discontinuous and incomplete, and does not support autotracking of 3D fault surfaces. Several attempts have been made to improve the imaging of faults using edge attributes as input, most notably Automated Fault Extraction

(Crawford and Medwedeff, 1999; Dorn and James, 2005), Ant Tracking (Pederson, et al, 2002), and Hough Transforms (Al bin Hassan and Marfurt, 2003).

Advanced interpretation techniques have been developed to assist the interpreter by imaging and semi-automatically interpreting structure, stratigraphy and geomorphology in 3D seismic volumes. Advanced fault imaging and fault surface extraction technology (AFE© or Advanced Fault Extraction©) has been under development for the last 15 years. The latest version of this technology reliably images and extracts complex fault systems in both hard and soft rock settings.

Accurately picking faults and placing them in their respective positions in the 3D volume is one of the most time consuming tasks in the interpretation workflow. In this talk, we will cover examples from Gulf of Mexico and North Sea, in which the Advanced Fault Enhanced workflow was applied.




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