London Evening Lecture: November 2019

The Cambo Field West of Shetland: Appraisal and Future Development With Kevin Purvis, Katie Overshott, Christian Ellis, Jon Ashdown (Siccar Point Energy) and Shaun Bambridge (Axis Well Technology)

5th November 2019



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The Cambo Field is located on the UKCS in Quad 204 West of Shetland (WOS) and is operated by Siccar Point Energy Ltd with Partner Shell UK. The field was discovered in 2002 by well 204/10-1 drilled by a licence group comprising Hess, Chevron, DONG and OMV. The field was appraised by four subsequent penetrations from 2004 to 2012, with each adding incremental knowledge about the field, but not sufficient to reduce the uncertainty to a level that resulted in field development sanction. Consequently, Cambo has remained one of the major undeveloped discoveries West of Shetland (WOS) with a STOIIP of ~800MMbbls. The inability to test the reservoir in the 204/10a-4z horizontal section in 2012 as a consequence of weather and operational constraints resulted in many of the partners leaving the licence.

In 2017 Siccar Point Energy acquired OMV UK, and operatorship of the Cambo licence, an asset that the company saw as stranded but with a potential route to development. The main reservoirs are the sandstones of the Palaeocene Hildasay Member of the Flett Formation that rest upon the volcanics of the Colsay Member. The Hildasay sediments were deposited in a paralic setting and comprise a suite of estuarine, deltaic, shoreface and fluvial sandstones with interbedded coals and shales. The field structure is a gentle low relief anticline that has a basement high in the southern part of the field. The reservoir units are relatively thin (5-20m) but laterally extensive and comprise excellent quality sandstones (+30% porosity, multi-Darcy permeability). Oil quality is variable as a consequence of differential biodegradation and recharge with viscosities ranging from 5-10cP. The thin nature of the reservoir units and variable oil quality meant that there was an inherent uncertainty in the connectivity of the system, one of the major issues that was addressed by further appraisal of the field.

In 2018 Siccar Point Energy, with partner Shell UK, drilled an appraisal well that comprised a pilot hole and a horizontal section that was completed for an EWT. Core data obtained established excellent reservoir quality, with fluid samples confirming the oil distribution in the different units. The well was placed on test and flowed naturally at rates of ~5000 bbls/d of dry oil. Analysis of the well test results show that the reservoir is connected to several hundred million barrels of fluid. Based on the well results the partnership has positive expectations for well rates and recoveries.

Ongoing analysis of the samples recovered are further helping reduce the subsurface uncertainty and moving the field towards development. With FPSO and FEED commencing in 2019 the partnership is looking forward to the sanction of a significant development WOS.

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