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8th June 2020


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Seismic Processing? Who Does That anymore? – A Tech20 Talk

A  heavily indebted masters student beaming with enthusiasm approaches me and says her future is in seismic processing. It happens often and increasingly my response has become more nuanced. Just as decarbonisation will curtail traditional oil and gas careers, a window is opening in big data, cloud storage, cloud computing, machine learning and drone technology. And the seismic industry embraces it all as it always has.

Seismic has always been the x-ray eyes of any superhero who needs to see beneath our feet and for good reason. I will show you. But now there is the potential to see faster, deeper and in colour and with more precision. All thanks to these new technologies. And by using these technologies the superhero can break the sonic chains to apply such technologies in almost any sector.

So the next student I see with seismic ambitions, I‘ll say “Seismic Processing? Who does that anymore? You are part of something much bigger.”

About Sean:

Sean has 35 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry ranging from seismic processing in the 80’s to Geoscience Equity and Technical Expert Witness work in the 20’s. Sean has a geophysical oversight role at ERCE having spent a number of years as a Director at ERCE. He is presently a non-executive Director for S-Cube, an Imperial College spin-out focussing on Full Waveform Inversion algorithms. He lectures at Leeds University on Depth conversion and has lectured at Imperial College on Rock Physics and Inversion. He has supervised several M. Sc. Projects at Imperial and Leeds University.


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