Machine Learning SIG Meeting – December (Virtual Event)

17th December 2020


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Speaker: Jimmy Klinger, Schlumberger
Topic: How can mainstream data science drive innovation in the energy sector?


This presentation will focus on 1- the applicability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our industry with examples across the exploration and production (E&P); and 2- the democratization of AI to accelerate intrapreneurial innovation by augmenting engineers’ digital toolset. Artificial Intelligence (AI) englobes concepts that have been available for many decades, and though few people sensed its potential and the impact it can have in our industry few decades ago, only recent advancements in HPC have enabled these solutions to become accessible and available to all. However, for AI to thrive, it must be effectively usable by our petro technical population so they can realize its value and let their creative mind do the rest. It is not practically possible to develop Python or R expertise in the entire PTE community. Hence, this is analogous to the times when geologists were given statistical tools to manipulate (e.g variograms, gaussian functions, normal transformation…) for better modeling of the sub-surface. Ease-of use and accessibility thus becomes of paramount importance when the data science capabilities are put into the hands of geoscientists and engineers.

Speaker Biography

Jimmy Klinger, Schlumberger
Jimmy is responsible for fostering, promoting and funneling digital innovation projects in Schlumberger. His role is to ensure emerging technologies; combining cloud-based solutions, artificial intelligence, edge compute, and various other interesting pieces of tech, are being evaluated and integrated into the wider exploration to production workflow with maximum return on investment. He joined the oil and gas industry in 2008 after graduating from IFP and the University of Strasbourg with degrees in petroleum geosciences and geophysics respectively. He then held various positions in the Schlumberger digital division, from product ownership for the development of various parts of the subsurface characterization workflow, to service delivery management for the Scandinavian business-unit.

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