Middle East SIG Meeting – October (Virtual Event)

19th October 2021


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Event Information

Speaker: Trond Christoffersen, Chief Executive Officer – Global Geo Services AS
Topic: Return of Middle East offshore exploration in times of transition

What is the case for offshore exploration in the Middle East? The 2000s saw high activity levels in the Eastern Mediterranean, peaked by the Zohr carbonate discovery in Egyptian waters, trailing a string of discoveries in clastics offshore Israel and Cyprus. However serious exploration activity was near dormant in the Gulf and Sea of Oman until we recently started seeing an upsurge in seismic and also exploration drilling in several Gulf states.

The talk will look at the Gulf and Sea of Oman in a regional context as one of the world’s few remaining under-explored super-basins. We will look at undeveloped discoveries, undrilled structures, and untested plays – all with huge potential. A vital question remaining is, given the political challenges of the region: is it too late? Facing the energy transition, the development of renewables and the emergence of carbon capture – what will be the future for more Middle East oil and gas? Do the energy crossover options differ fundamentally if we look at them from an ME perspective as opposed to from NW Europe?

Speaker Bio
Background in geophysics and MBA from EBS – Heriot-Watt University, with more than 3 decades of experience in the oil and gas business. Currently CEO of Global Geo Services and a director of Spec Partners Ltd. Previously with Spectrum, TGS, Nopec International, Amarok and Geco.


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