Night School – Fractured Reservoirs for Geoscientists and Engineers

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4-14 July 2022

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Fractured Reservoirs for Geoscientists and Engineers – Session 1 & 2

This course addresses the basic concepts and characterization of naturally fractured reservoir, the importance, potential, and challenges of naturally fractured reservoirs. This will provide practical guidelines for characterizing naturally fractured reservoir, identifying the controlling factors that determine the magnitude of flow in naturally fractured reservoir and analyzing pressure transient in naturally fractured reservoirs using conventional semi-log analysis, type curve matching (commercial software), and direct synthesis method to correctly characterize the reservoir properties. The fracture-dominate flow behavior demands an approach that uniquely differs from the traditional workflow in a conventional reservoir to predict the reservoir performance. It is vitally expedient as an expert in naturally fractured reservoir to demonstrate why and how behavior in conventional reservoirs flow varies from that of naturally fractured reservoir and to identify varying parameters and specific way to process and characterize the uniqueness in this reservoir setting.

Part 1 | 04 July 2022
Facilitator: Dr. Adesina Samson Fadairo, Ph.D
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm (BST)
Topic: Fundamental of Naturally Fractured Reservoir and Data sources for building a fractured reservoir model

  • Nature of Naturally Fractured Reservoir
  • Basic Concept and Definitions
  • Classification of Naturally Fractured Reservoir
  • Benefit of early recognition of fractured presence
  • Petro-physical properties of fractured reservoir
  • Rock and fluid interaction in fractured reservoir
  • Fractured reservoir description
  • Information sources for characterizing fractured reservoir

Part 2 | 07 July 2022
Facilitator: Dr. Adesina Samson Fadairo, Ph.D
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm (BST)
Topic: Fractured Reservoir Modelling

  • Flow Equation for Fractured Reservoir
  • Draw-down Analysis for Fractured Reservoir
  • Build up Analysis for Fractured Reservoir
  • Workflow system in well test for Fractured Reservoir
  • Overview of fractured reservoir numerical modeling
  • Demo practice on fractured reservoir flow behavior commercial software
  • Factors controlling production trend in Fractured Reservoir

Fractured Reservoirs for Geoscientists and Engineers – Session 3 & 4

This course will be based on the mechanisms controlling the genesis of natural fractures, their geometric attributes, special distribution in sedimentary basins, and their contribution to the fluid flow within naturally fractured reservoir. This will provide materials to understand the fracture behaviors in brittle media and characterize fracture types controlling the flow with naturally fractured reservoirs. The material will be including field work, experimental geomechanics tests, statistical analysis of the fractures, borehole imagery logs. This course will give to the students a way of thinking after the first lecture of fracture dataset such as structural maps, isobath maps, core data and log images to have a clear idea about the naturally fractured reservoirs.

Part 3 | 11 July 2022
Facilitator: Abdelmalek Abes, Ph.D. Student
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm (BST)
Topic: Natural Fractures Genisis and their contribution to the fluid flow in Naturally fractured Reservoirs (NFR’s)

• Basic concept of stress and strain
• Relationsheep between stress and fractures
• Tectonic systems in sedimentary basins
• The geometric attributes of the fractures in naturally fractured reservoir
• Special distribution of fractures withing naturally fractured reservoir

Part 4 | 14 July 2022
Facilitator: Abdelmalek Abes, Ph.D. Student
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm (BST)
Topic: Drilling, Geomechanics and Geological aspects of NFRs

• Fracture analysis from borehole imagery log
• Fracture characterization and its contribution for fluid flow
• The geomechanical behavior of fractures
• An overview of Enhance Oil Recovery (EOR) in NFR

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Speaker Biographies

Session 1 & 2
Dr. Adesina Samson Fadairo, Ph.D; University of North Dakota
Dr. Adesina Fadairo is a registered petroleum Engineer experienced in teaching and research in petroleum engineering field for over fifteen (15) years. At present, he is a Research Associate at the Department of Petroleum Engineering, University of North Dakota, United States. He has served as an assistant professor and a principal investigator Flow assurance and petroleum production chemistry research cluster for several years at Covenant University, Nigeria. Significant experience in handling the challenges of flow assurance, flow enhancement in fractured reservoir, pressure phenomena during production and underbalanced drilling, synthetic drilling fluid technology, enhanced oil and gas recovery, injectivity potential of hot sand formation, oilfield scale build up and corresponding formation damage. Successfully added to his credit, five (5) chapters in text books and over seventy (70) scholar articles. All in the field of Petroleum Engineering. He is a member of Society of Petroleum Engineers. Several time serves as a sessional chair and a reviewer for Society of Petroleum Engineers International conferences and various reputable international journals in the area of petroleum and natural gas engineering.

Session 3 & 4
Abdelmalek Abes, Ph.D. Student; University of North Dakota
Abdelmalek Abes, Ph.D. student at university of North Dakota. Geologist, and engineering geology background, I have got my bachelor’s degree in geosciences and master’s degree in structural geology at university of sciences and technology, Houari Boumediene in Algeria. I had the chance to work in different geological fields with known structural geologists, such as Dr. K. Amri, Dr. S. Djemai, Dr. H. Fettous, Dr. D. Belhai, and Dr. R. Belkheznaidji. As I worked with them in the field, they changed my vision regarding to geology of the field, and I have developed my own ideas regarding to the geodynamics of the basement and sedimentary basins.

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