Night School – Geomechanics for hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon energy

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16-26 May 2022

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Geomechanics for hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon energy Geomechanical analyses can be done before, after and while drilling; during production/development when pressure changes, during fluid injection (re-pressurization, storage, fracturing), when temperature and/or saturation change. Results helps identify hazards, de-risk decisions, reduce costs and improve asset performance by means of customized deliverables to support all phases of asset’s lifecycle. This course will provide an overview of the geomechanical theory and solutions and their deployment from early field exploration to final abandonment. The course will also cover aspects related to storage integrity (Underground Gas Storage – UGS, Carbon Capture Storage – CCS) and non-hydrocarbon energy related topics (e.g. Geothermal, Wastes Disposals).

Part 1 | 16 May 2022
Facilitator: Vincenzo De Gennaro
6:00pm – 8:00pm (UCT+1)

1. What is Geomechanics?
2. Stresses and deformation of porous solids (soils and rocks).
3. Essentials on the mechanical behavior of soils and rocks from laboratory tests.
4. Describing the mechanical behavior of a porous solid.

Part 2 | 19 May 2022
Facilitator: Vincenzo De Gennaro
6:00pm – 8:00pm (UCT+1)

1. How to identify the mechanical properties of subsurface formations?
2. How to assess stresses in the Earth’s subsurface?
3. From far-field Earth stresses to near-borehole stresses.
4. Stress measurements and calibration.

Part 3 | 23 May 2022
Facilitator: Vincenzo De Gennaro
6:00pm – 8:00pm (UCT+1)

1. Definition of a geomechanical model at borehole scale.
2. Model calibration.
3. Applications: wellbore stability, hydraulic fracturing,
4. Limitations of borehole scale modelling.

Part 4 | 26 May 2022
Facilitator: Vincenzo De Gennaro
6:00pm – 8:00pm (UCT+1)

1. Essentials of 3D/4D geomechanics.
2. Definition of a geomechanical model at reservoir scale
3. Stress initialization (present day stress) and reservoir coupled behavior.
4. Applications:
a) drilling integrity analysis;
b) completion integrity analysis (sanding, casing deformation);
c) hydraulic fracturing modelling;
d) production integrity (compaction, subsidence, faults and cap-rock stability);
e) storage integrity (UGS, CCS, H2, Wastes Disposals);
f) geothermal.

Who should attend:
Subsurface experts, consultants and asset teams members interested in integration and deployment of geomechanics workflows for subsurface management.

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Speaker Biography - Vincenzo De Gennaro

Vincenzo De Gennaro, Geomechanics Advisor Asset Performance Solutions for UK and Continental Europe (Schlumberger Digital & Integration Division). Vincenzo has twenty-six years’ experience in theoretical and applied geomechanics, including fifteen years’ experience in O&G industry related projects. He graduated as Civil and Geomechanical Engineer in 1992 in Rome and has been consultant engineer, PhD fellow then lecturer and lastly associated professor (research director) in geomechanics at the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées – ParisTech (Paris, France). He joined Schlumberger in 2009 as Geomechanics and Unconventional Gas Specialist.

His activities encompass exploration, appraisal and production related projects, onshore and offshore drilling integrity studies, coupled reservoir geomechanics analysis, geomechanics for unconventional, sanding, underground gas storage (natural gas and anthropogenic CO2).

He’s author and co-author of 20 journal papers, 3 book chapters, 50 international conference papers, 8 national (French) conference papers, 40 research/technical reports and monographs. He’s co-editor of 11 books and holds 5 patents. He has presented a wide variety of topics related to geomechanics for a total of more than 60 lectures worldwide. He has tutored 2 Post-Doctoral fellows, 5 PhD thesis, 11 MSc projects, 8 Graduate students, 10 Undergraduate students and has been member of 4 PhD jury committees.

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