Night School – Geopressure (Virtual Course)

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2-11 November 2020

Course Description

The aim of this course is to understand what geopressure is and why it is so important during the exploration, appraisal and development phases of the petroleum project life cycle.  It looks at overburden pressure, formation pressure, fracture pressure, and the concept of the drilling pressure window.  It also covers pressure measurement and prediction ahead of the drill bit.

Part 1
Facilitator: Pete Webb
Date: Monday 02 November 2020
6:00pm – 8:00pm

  • What geopressure is, how it is generated and the units in which it is measured.
  • The importance of geopressure.
  • Overburden pressure and overburden pressure gradient.
  • Pore pressure and pre pressure gradients in water, oil and gas legs.

Part 2
Facilitator: Pete Webb
Date: Wednesday 04 November 2020
6:00pm – 8:00pm

  • Normal and abnormal pore pressure and pressure gradients, overpressure and underpressure
  • Pore pressure detection and measurement by mud logging.

Part 3
Facilitator: Pete Webb
Date: Monday 09 November 2020
6:00pm – 8:00pm

  • Pore pressure measurement by DST, PWD and wireline.
  • Fracture pressure and pressure gradient.
  • LOTs and FITs, ECD.

Part 4
Facilitator: Pete Webb
Date: Wednesday 11 November 2020
6:00pm – 8:00pm

  • The pressure window.
  • Well design – hole size and casing programmes.
  • Pore pressure and fracture pressure prediction ahead of the drill bit.

Who should attend
Geoscientists, petroleum engineers and drilling engineers who want to improve their understanding of this important subject.

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Speaker Biography - Pete Webb

Pete Webb started in geology at the age of 4, when he collected his first fossils in his back garden in Worthing.  He graduated from London University in 1967 with a BSc in Geology, and then spent 4 years in Kenya doing a PhD on the rift valley volcanics.

After a spell in academia in Nigeria, he joined the oil industry in 1974, working as a Wellsite Geologist in the North Sea.   Since then, his international career has taken him to Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and Australasia.  He still works part time as a Consultant Geologist, mostly overseas doing exploration management and giving training in various petroleum related topics.  Back at home, he delivers public lectures, particularly on fracking for shale oil and gas, and runs a geology group at his local U3A in the Peak District.

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