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5-30 November 2020

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Course Description

Part 1
Facilitator: Paul Logan
Date: Thursday 5th November
6:00pm – 8:00pm

Part 2
Facilitator: Paul Logan
Date: Monday 16th November
6:00pm – 8:00pm

Part 3
Facilitator: Steve Pickering
Date: Tuesday 24th November
6:00pm – 8:00pm

Part 4
Facilitator: Steve Pickering 
Date: Monday 30th November
6:00pm – 8:00pm

What will you learn?

Session 1 and 2: Principles of Sequence Stratigraphy

  • Part 1:  Introduction
    • How sedimentary rocks record Earth Processes
    • The stratigraphic record and geological time
    • Sea-level change
  • Part 2:  Sequence stratigraphy & sea-level change
    • Sequence stratigraphy principles – parasequences, sequences and systems tracts
    • How processes control relative sea-level change & sediment supply
    • The Quaternary of the Gulf of Mexico – a case study
  • Part 3:  A siliclastic case study – the Book Cliffs
    • Tectonic setting, stratigraphy and sedimentology
    • The parasequences of the Book Cliffs
    • Sequences and systems tracts in the Book Cliffs
    • The sequence stratigraphic evolution of the Book Cliffs Succession
  • Part 4:  Carbonates
    • Carbonate depositional systems
    • Sequence stratigraphy of carbonate depositional systems
    • Application of sequence stratigraphic analysis to ancient carbonate platforms

Sessions 3 and 4: Fundamental concepts of Seismic Sequence stratigraphic analysis

    • Introduction
    • Understanding the seismic wavelet
    • Limitations of Seismic Stratigraphy
    • Comprehend the parameters in seismic acquisition and processing
    • The 5-Step process as defined by Vail and Mitchum, to construct an understanding of the Seismic Geomorphology
    • Seismic Facies Analysis, seismic attributes and Wheeler Diagrams as methods to identify the palaeogeography and to predict reservoir presence and quality

Throughout the course there will be simple exercises to understand the use of seismic data in identifying Sequences, Systems Tracts and Parasequences and Seismic Facies and Attributes in predicting reservoir presence and quality.

Who should attend
Aspiring, future leaders in the oil and gas industry who want to acquire skills beyond the academic and technical and obtain insights into the commercially orientated analysis. Acquire the global perspectives essential to professional success.

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Speaker Biography - Paul Logan

After an early career with British Gas, Getty Oil, and Hamilton Oil – where his work resulted in the discovery of the Hamilton and Hamilton North gas fields along with the Douglas Oil Field in the East Irish Sea Basin – Paul moved into African exploration in 1994 with BHP, finishing as General Manager in Angola.

Paul then joined Heritage Oil as Chief Geologist in 2005, and with his team found over 2 billion bbls of oil in Uganda and the Miran Gas Field in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq, with over 9 TCF in place.  Paul was Exploration Manager of Taipan Resources from 2013 to 2015.  Since that time, he has been CEO of a start-up focussed on the UK Onshore.

Paul was also an Associate Lecturer of the Open University for many years, teaching a variety of Earth Science courses including working as Course Director on a Sequence Stratigraphy Summer Field School.

Speaker Biography - Steve Pickering

Stephen Pickering is a geophysicist, instructor, lecturer, and Geophysical Advisor for Schlumberger. 

His strong expertise in exploration, with a specialization in Geophysics, has been developed over nearly 50 years, in a career that began at Western Geophysical with his role as a Seismic data processing analyst. More recently, he was Exploration Manager UK & Europe for Hamilton Brothers Oil and Gas Ltd and Manager of Exploration Technology at BHP Petroleum UK Limited.

He joined Schlumberger in 2000 where he has held roles as 4D Seismic Business Development Manager and Geophysics Domain Career Leader, among others. In 2007, he was President of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain.

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