OT SIG Meeting – April (Online)

19th April 2022

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Speaker: Alan Foum

Topic: The “Energy trilemma” a discussion

The only thing that is constant at the energy sector at present is that lots of change is inevitable. Please come prepared to discuss your views on what is happening.,


If you look at Alan’s YouTube channel you will see his videos on;

Russian gas,
Russian oil,
UK shale gas,
The Future of Exploration.


Taken with April’s announcement of a UK Energy strategy with plans to boost North Sea oil and gas production.

In recent weeks following has also been in the news

  • OGA “” Oil and Gas Authority”” is now the “” North Sea Transition Authority””
  • UK Shale Gas is now possibly acceptable as NSTA withdraws requirement to decommission three Cuadrilla wells,
  • The Cambo oil field is now possibly acceptable, as Shell decides it may stay with the project
  • “UK warned future exploration of North Sea risks undermining climate credibility.”


Please come prepared to discuss I’m sure everyone has their own views.

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