OT SIG Meeting – May (Online)

17th May 2022


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Event Information

Speaker: Mike Cooper

Topic: Exciting New Global Emerging Hydrocarbon Provinces, The 20-billion-barrel discoveries

Mike Cooper, of TROVE 1st Subsurface, will talk on the major discoveries and exciting recent and imminent exploration drilling operations in the North Sea, Namibia, South Africa, Israel, Australia, Indonesia and (of course) Guyana & Suriname. These represent new petroleum provinces and significant play extensions, adding tens of billions of barrels of reserves and transforming the economic outlook for the host countries. He will show representative seismic and an overview of the geology for many of these discoveries.


TROVE News has been delivering online videos on exciting E&P assets for some years. The videos are intended to be educational and informative; yet informal – trying to report on the wheat (context) and less on the chaff (hype). “Like a chat from an E&P professional in the pub” as one reviewer commented!

Our recent posts and video coverage of the Venus & Graff discoveries in Namibia attracted over 27,000 oil and gas professionals from every corner of the world and most E&P companies. We will show a breakdown of the audience. This is a growing social media phenomenon – where we can analyse which companies, disciplines & regions of the world view our content.

The power to reach directly to global E&P companies has major implications for promoting licence rounds, finding farminees, bolstering share prices and informing the entire E&P community of major new developments. However, we endeavour to deliver pragmatic, independent assessments based on technical geoscience evaluations and good oilfield practise. We try hard to avoid getting embroiled in the “hype” and utterly wild claims of some company press releases looking to make an overnight fortune for their executive officers.

Our researchers collate terabytes of data into gigabyte-sized files and is available in over 50 databases, covering all offshore regions globally. We believe TROVE is the largest and most convenient technical subsurface resource available and is growing daily. It is this resource that enables our social media presence.

TROVE is looking to grow this community of geoscientists and engineers to cover future activity in these emerging basins.

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