PESGB London Seminar: Uncertainty Analysis of Capillary Control Across Faults

23rd January 2020


Join Danny Povey, Geologist at Schlumberger’s Asset Consulting Services subgroup (formerly RDR), as he presents Uncertainty Analysis of Capillary Control Across Faults.

A typical work-flow for evaluating capillary controls on faults cutting siliciclastic rocks is to estimate the clay content from algorithms such as shale gouge ratio or clay smear factor, convert these to capillary threshold pressure, and determine fault rock seal capacity. Uncertainties in this analysis may be introduced by the conversion of the clay content to seal properties, changes in the stratigraphic model, along-fault variation in fault geometry and throw, and fault rock heterogeneity. Introducing these uncertainties into the analysis using 3D models is often difficult. We discuss an alternative method for the rapid evaluation of these uncertainties based on fault triangle diagram analysis from single or multiple input wells. This methodology results in more efficient assessment of the uncertainties and expected ranges in properties that influence capillary controls in fault seal.

Join the us in hearing about this ground-breaking research from Danny!

This event is free to attend for all PESGB members!

Venue Information

Venue information

Venue name:

IHS Markit

Venue address:

IHS Markit, Ropemaker Place, 25 Ropemaker Street, London, EC2Y 9LY, United Kingdom
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