PESGB Young Professionals ‘Do you need a career plan?’ Workshop

Guest Speaker: Dr Guy Loftus - K2V Ltd


23rd February 2021


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Building realistic pathways for career development in the Oil & Gas sector is severely challenged, particularly when you combine uncertainty arising from the emerging energy transition with a global slowdown provoked by COVID-19.  Our challenge today is to turn this in to an opportunity, starting by defining what success in a career looks like to you, by examining the motives that underpin your career choices.  In the mid 90s, a number of unconnected but mutually reinforcing events took place that effectively marketised the professional workforce. Marketisation liberated the professions by creating a level playing field across the world with many more career options to choose from by combining unprecedented lateral mobility between companies and between careers. Career development has always been split between managerial and technical streams but both have now become profoundly modular, allowing careers to develop through clear sets of choices for the individual, illustrated in the introduction as stepping-stones. The workforce itself may be marketised but the choices we make are both personal and unique. These are mapped out across future aspirations and tested in an interactive workshop where participants’ outlooks are projected live between technical and managerial aspirations on a scale of ambition expressed as the motivation for change. The results of the survey show the spread of ambition and inspiration in the room and then asks the question “Do you need a career plan?”.

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Dr Guy Loftus – K2V Ltd

Guy Loftus has spent 37 years working in the oil & gas sector, 31 of those years as an explorer for Shell International, with assignments that took him across the world from Oman, New Zealand, The Philippines, The Caribbean, Malaysia, Gabon, Indonesia, Texas, London, PNG, Canada and The Hague. As an explorer, he was involved in new ventures, asset management, shooting seismic, interpreting prospects and drilling wells to make discoveries of oil and gas to open up new opportunities, rejuvenate tired portfolios and take discoveries to production.  In the last 4 years, he has shifted his attention to unlocking knowledge and influencing perceptions, applying knowledge to value and towards 21st century career building.


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