Sequence Stratigraphy for Petroleum Exploration

9-10 October 2017

Event phone: +44 (0)20 7408 2000


With Vitor Abreu, Abreu Consulting and Training & Chris Edwards, ERC Equipoise Ltd

This two-day short course is designed to introduce the principles,concepts and practical methods of sequence stratigraphy as a fundamental component of the petroleum exploration workflow. Sequence stratigraphy is an informal chronostratigraphic methodology that provides a practical means of subdividing the stratigraphic record, permits the identification and prediction of facies, and documents the time-transgressive nature of lithostratigraphic units.

Through a mix of lectures and exercises the course will utilise outcrop, core, well log and seismic data to provide a hands-on,learning experience in sequence stratigraphy. The exercises include classic case studies from which many sequence stratigraphic concepts were originally developed.

The main objectives of this course are to review and apply in practical exercises:

  • Basic concepts and terminology of sequence stratigraphy
  • The stratigraphic building blocks of depositional sequences
  • Recognition criteria for the identification of depositional sequences and their components in outcrops, cores, well logs and seismic
  • The application of sequence stratigraphy in non-marine, shallow marine and submarine depositional settings in the prediction of petroleum system elements

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Combination Discount

Combine this course with ‘Reservoir Characterization of Deep Water Systems – Impact from Exploration to Production’ for a 12% discount!
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