UK Onshore Exploration SIG Meeting

Modern Seismic Acquisition Technology and Techniques, Reducing the Impact of Land Seismic Acquisition With Dale Harger, Rho’V Consultancy

29th January 2019


Dale Harger of Rho*V UK Ltd will present a talk on “Modern Seismic Acquisition Technology and Techniques, Reducing the Impact of Land Seismic Acquisition” at this meeting. Dale has been advancing 3D land seismic acquisition technology since 1990 and his talk will include overview of current land acquisition capabilities and discuss how these concepts could be used in the UK to improve seismic results and reduce both the physical impact and public scrutiny. Abstract as follows:

“Land seismic acquisition techniques and technology have changed dramatically in the last 10 years. With the advent of large compute and storage capacities to deal with ‘big data’, recording systems have grown to where there is not a conceptual limit to the number of channels that can be recorded. In tandem with recording technology, seismic source concepts have moved to smaller, distributed sources, including blending/overlapping sources.

In environmentally/aesthetically sensitive areas use of these methods can drastically reduce the surface imprint of the seismic acquisition. At the same time the public perception of the scale of the project is also reduced.

Several areas in the UK are quite challenging in regard to seismic imaging. Several of the methods discussed above owe part of their development to industry focused initiatives in challenging areas in other parts of the world. These techniques could be adapted and customized to push the data quality in challenging areas in the UK forward.

DownUnder Geosolutions (DUG) have kindly agreed to sponsor the meeting to provide complimentary snacks and some refreshment, so we are extremely grateful to them.

The UK Onshore Exploration SIG provides a semi-formal forum for members currently engaged, formerly engaged, or just interested in UK Onshore exploration, to meet and socialise with fellow members similarly engaged, and to exchange ideas/experiences and discuss developing techniques applicable to land-based exploration.  This should also interest members engaged in landward exploration elsewhere.

Please feel free to distribute this announcement to fellow members within your organisation or elsewhere who may be interested in attending this or, indeed, any future meeting.


Venue Information

Venue information

Venue name:

The Crown Tavern

Venue address:

43 Clerkenwell Green, Clerkenwell, London, London, EC1R 0EG, United Kingdom
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