YP Lockdown Lectures – Bad news, you are a structural geologist (even if you don’t have the elbow patches)

The PESGB Young Professionals are pleased to present The Lockdown Lectures!

9th September 2020


The PESGB Young Professionals are pleased to present The Lockdown Lectures! A series of webinars open to all PESGB members designed to bring essential industry learning to your home during the lockdown.

Webinars will take place on Zoom and last approximately 30 mins, plus Q&A. Registered participants will receive meeting details prior to the webinar.

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Every time you pick a fault on a seismic section, you are a structural geologist. When you’re assessing sediment input directions using basin architecture, you’re one of us.

Migration from source to trap? You guessed it. And more bad news, the majority of dry holes in structural traps are due to trap/seal failure (as opposed to charge or reservoir

presence/quality, various references from 1979 – 2019). Good news, you can become a much better Structural Geo with an understanding of some simple fundamentals, and

your informed input will add value to everything from better volumetric estimates, to drilling a structural coherent trap, to making life easier for the REs in production… And the best news? Elbow patches are optional (but come on, you know you want to).

About the presenter:

Dr Dave Quinn is a Structural Geologist at Badley Geoscience Limited, a UK based software house and consultancy specialising chiefly in seismic interpretation, fault seal analysis

and the prediction of fracture behaviour. Dave’s PhD. was attained in native Cork, Ireland, using geochronology to unravel fracture development in the Variscan of Cork and Kerry.

He has sat on committees at the Geological Society of London for over 10 years, is a Trustee and has presented at many international conferences.


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