PESGB April 1999

Thu 01 April 1999

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In last month’s editorial I talked about changing the Newsletter to provide better services to our members. The downturn has begun to hit your society hard, and as a consequence a ll areas of the
PESGB are being scrutinised by Council for costs and income. The Newsletter is no exception, as advertising revenues have fallen.
We have already begun to review the costs of the Newsletter and the first impact will be seen in this issue with a re-arrangement of the advertising.
Moving advertisements away from a central section has allowed us to reduce costs by reducing the number of colour plates. I should stress that this change has been discussed with the bulk of our advertisers and is seen as an experiment – please let the office what you think about this change – an alphabetical list of advertisers will be found on page 86.
The other change in this Newsletter is a slight reduction in the number of pages, achieved by reducing the optional copy that we frequently publish.
For the future your Council have benefited from the (voluntary) services of a Management Consultant whose report was discussed at the March 9th Council Meeting. Details were too late for inclusion in this Newsletter, but five strategies were presented from which one was selected for implementation. More information will be provided next month, but rest assured that actions are designed to improve a healthy and vibrant Society.
Council fully accept that the Newsletter is seen by our members as a major benefit of membership and it is not our intention to change publication frequency. However a number of options are
being looked at to reduce costs and enhance revenue. More news next month, as in the interests of economy, even, this editorial has to run to one page only; also the piece on John Brooks’ lecture in tended for this issue of the Newsletter; has also been held over for another edition .

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