PESGB April 2001

Sun 01 April 2001

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PESGB Future Direction

The PESGB Council has had a number of meetings this year in order to discuss where the PESGB should be focussing for the future. Our meetings have looked at why the PESGB is so successful, how we can continue to be successful, and how, if at all, we need to change in order to react to the changing industry environment. The main conclusion that we have arrived at is that the primary reason why most people are members of the PESGB is in order to network and obtain learning opportunities at a low cost. This has been shown by the various membership surveys that have been carried out over the years: for example the main part of the Newsletter that most people read first is the ‘members on the move’ section.
The Council unanimously wants to retain the spirit and ethical values of the society. We do, however, want to try and do what we currently do even better. Here are some initiatives that we think that we need to focus on – they are all based around making the Society more financially stable and giving the membership even greater opportunities for networking:

– increase attendance at lectures, particularly the London lecture, by introducing more high profile talks, and sponsored drinks before and after the event (already successfully carried out in
– continue to build relationships with other societies and institutes such as the SPE and IP in order to give the membership wider access to industry networking events at a low cost
– provide more structured educational programmes with events such as lectures, seminars, conferences and field trips linked by a common theme: these would both be ‘in house’ and with other
– develop our web-site and membership database to provide a better service to members
– grow the financial reserves of the society in order to give a more stable base than we currently have
– increase the membership (both individual and corporate)
– market more effectively the PESGB and PETEX image

The full results of these discussions will be published in the next Newsletter. It is particularly important that you as a member read these and give the Council any feedback you have. Remember that we are here to represent you and to ensure that we are all as members getting as much out of the Society as possible.
Thank-you for your attention and hopefully your feedback.

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