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Sat 01 December 2007

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President’s Page- Stephen Pickering

What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus? Claustrophobic! Anon
Sorry, I have been reading cracker jokes again. As a child I was taught that the North Pole was where Santa Claus lived, obviously global warming and shrinking icecaps may have serious
consequences for him. In future his sleigh may be pulled by zebras rather than reindeer! Yet, ironically global warming, in addition to new technology, is enabling exploration of the Arctic and in 2009 this region will feature in the Petroleum Geoscience Conference (PGC7) jointly organized by the PESGB, the Geological Society and the Energy Institute. Santa Claus as a tradition goes back many centuries and spans many religions. The Romans gave tokens to celebrate Saturnalia, whilst Norse Yule gods supposedly scattered gifts on sleeping children. It is a tradition at this time of year in many societies to give gifts to family and friends.
In keeping with tradition, I thought it was time to delve into my “sack” and see what additional treats I could find for you in the year to come, besides the new website, online newsletter, electronic
voting, salary survey and DVDs (PGC6) you have already received. Well I found a rich feast of lectures, field trips and conferences; the latter including Geophysics, DEVEX, Africa and PROSPEX. On top of our tree we have the PESGB star – PETEX 2008, I hope I will see you all there. I have some crackers also; we will launch in April our new reservoir geology course, “Exploration and Production in a Mature Basin – the North Sea”, which we plan to repeat on an annual basis. The Society has been active in 2007 supporting several universities and charities. These investments should result in member benefits in the year to come, in particular the Virtual Seismic Atlas (Leeds) and the Petroleum Geoscience Database (Durham), more news about these next year.
Do not be disappointed ensure that you register for the Geophysics conference and the North Sea course soon, as places for both are rapidly disappearing. We also welcome abstracts for
PETEX 2008 and PGC7 as soon as possible. The giving of gifts is a way of saying thanks. So it seems appropriate that I take this opportunity to thank all of Santa’s little helpers in the PESGB office; Gail, Marian, Jennie and Julie for managing to deliver all those gifts to you in 2007, in what has been an exceptionally busy and challenging year for the Society. Your efforts are truly appreciated.
My thanks go to all those volunteers who have led field trips, organized conferences and presented lectures, well done! I also would like to thank the Council, who have delivered an excellent program of conferences, field trips, lectures, and all of whom have been generous with their time and efforts on your behalf. I especially thank those stepping down after a grueling two, even three years, on the Council; Chris Flavell (past-President), Duncan Rushworth (1st Vice-President), Nigel Platt (Events), Kevin Flanagan (Aberdeen), and Steve Cannon (Education and Training). I look forward to welcoming the new Council in 2008.
Finally I want to thank you, and your companies, for your support and sponsorship of the Society throughout the year, and to wish you many successful and prosperous explorations in 2008.
Ho! Ho! Ho!

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