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Thu 01 December 2011

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President’s Page- Steve Garrett

The end of the year provides an opportunity to reflect on what the role of President has meant to me personally.
Although we often focus on learning and development for less experienced staff, engagement in societies such as PESGB can help us continue to learn throughout our careers. The role of
President has taught me how to lead through influence while broadening external networks. I am grateful for the support of my employer in allowing me to continue to develop in this way. It was a pleasure to introduce my line manager to PESGB and the office staff during his recent visit to London and to get his personal coaching and support regarding the work of the Society.
While it is not possible to attend every event, I’ve enjoyed greatly each time I have interacted with PESGB members face-to-face. Highlights for me include the Young Professionals at the House of Commons, the West of Shetlands conference, opening exploHUB, and evening lectures in London and Aberdeen. To get between our two main PESGB event locations, I thank Henry Allen, 2010 President, for helping me to see the benefits of the sleeper train to lower my carbon footprint and avoid the misery of modern air travel.
The most important part of my job has been helping our new Executive Director, Guy Elliott, become established in the role. I am very happy with the impact Guy has had in the office and
particularly in the relationship of PESGB to school support organisations, university course directors and other professional societies. Make sure you get to know Guy at the next PESGB meeting you attend together.
It has become clear to me that the teamwork between PESGB Council and office staff is a key differentiator from other professional societies, and so I thank current Council and office colleagues
for their partnership. I have seen the office staff maintain a calm attitude and exemplary professional integrity throughout the year even when under intense external pressure. This friendly, professional, efficient style is a hallmark of PESGB.
I’ve found it very useful to refer to the PESGB objectives to ensure that all of our work is ‘to encourage, for the public benefit, education in the scientific and technical aspects of petroleum
exploration’ as we have made decisions on strategy. This year we have strengthened our support for earth science education in schools, increased our sponsorship of MSc students and post-graduate education, empowered our Young Professionals to develop bespoke training events, and explored new offerings, whilst continuing to deliver the flagship North Sea geology course. This has been accompanied by an increase in PESGB’s influence and standing on a national level.
Thanks for your encouragement and support in 2011. I hope I get to see you in December to hear your feedback at the President’s Evening in London or the Christmas Party in Aberdeen. I am confident that the Society will continue to grow in impact and influence through Mike Bowman’s presidency in 2012.

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