PESGB February 2001

Thu 01 February 2001

Category: Magazines

President’s Page- Iain Bartholomew

I am delighted to say that the PESGB is in very good shape mainly due to the success of PETEX 2000. Financially we have managed to build up a healthy reserve which now gives the organisation a stable base. I am also pleased to note the large number of new members that have joined this month along with about 2000 renewals so far this year. It is now timely for us to have a serious look at the strategies of the organisation and what we as Council should be concentrating our resources on for you the membership. Your feedback is critical in order to enable the Council to act on your behalf. In order to achieve this we are hoping to arrange a past-officers get together along with a company representatives meeting in the next few months in order to generate ideas and discussion. If you have any ideas or comments about how you see the future of the PESGB please do not hesitate to contact the PESGB office.
Over the next few months the Council will be looking to the future. One thought is to give the PESGB a more international flavour as a lot of our members focus their attentions on different parts of the world.
We have recently taken action to revamp the PESGB office. A new computer system is already installed and a new database is currently being commissioned. The ageing web-site is being completely changed and will hopefully be launched in the second half of the year.
The newsletter production process is also currently being streamlined. On this note I’d like to apologise to Enterprise Oil pic for missing out their logo from their advert in the January Newsletter (page 12). I’d be grateful if you could all bear with us as we iron out the teething problems in the new processes.
Planning ahead, PETEX 2002 is already being thought about. Further details will appear in a future newsletter – watch this space!
In this time of change I appeal to you to send any thoughts that you might have about the future of the PESGB to the office – the Society is your Society. Whatever our future, I can assure you that it is certainly a very bright one! I am looking forward to hearing from you and particularly welcome any controversial articles for the newsletter.

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