PESGB January 2001

Mon 01 January 2001

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President’s Page- Iain Bartholomew

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to another new year!
It is almost impossible to predict what the state of the industry will be in 12 months time. I certainly don’t know anybody who had predicted that the oil price would still be around $30 a barrel this time last year. Whatever happens, the industry will continue to constantly change. For those of you that went to PETEX we all got a clear picture of this and that existing technologies are improving all the time , with new ones always coming along. The way that companies react to these changing market trends and new technologies is key to their survival. As individuals
working in the industry we have to be nimble and react effectively to these ongoing changes. Will the current spate of mergers and takeovers in both the main industry and service sector ever stop? I don ‘t think so! A typical oil industry career is no longer joining a large company for life. Individuals must now manage their own careers and be willing to move companies when the time is right. This may either be forced upon you or at your own choice. In my career I have experienced both!
I very much see the role of the PESGB being to he lp the membership cope with constant change. It is the PESGB Council’s responsibility to ensure that this is happening. We attempt to do this by:

• Informing via the Newsletter
• Running integrated lectures, seminars, training courses field-trips and workshops
• Running PETEX once every 2 years with minimal registration fees
• Joining with other societies in running conferences and other events
• Extending our collaborative relationships with other societies such as the SPE and the IP
• Providing careers training assistance
• Running social events in order to promote interaction between members

The PESGB also provides a forum for general networking between members. Being in the right place at the right time and being known by the right people is absolutely key to keeping your finger on the pulse. A number of PESGB special interest groups (SIGs) currently exist which are intended to provide such networking and communication. The most recent SIG to be set up is one for industry consultants. Please contact the PESGB office to find out details on any of the STGs.
I’d like to close by reminding all members that this is your Society. The Council are all volunteers and we always need more volunteers to help run events. We need your feedback and ideas. Please do not be shy in coming forward. The only way that we can be effective is to talk to each other. Feel free to e- mail me with your views at at any time.
I hope that you are all looking forward to the year ahead as much as I am!

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