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Tue 01 January 2002

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President’s Page- Chris Bulley

Happy New Year to you all from your newly elected Council. Although we all hope that 2002 will be a year of stability in the industry, I am sure that, as ever, it will be a year of ups and downs which are not possible to predict without a very effective crystal ball. As the new Council this is, perhaps, the desire to adopt the ‘ new broom ‘ approach and make some radical changes so that a mark is made for posterity on the PESGB.
However this would be quite inappropriate because the outgoing Council has done a tremendous job in getting the Society onto a sound footing, both on the activity and financial fronts. I find it hard to believe that it is only just over ten years since the continuation of the Society was dependent on the early receipt of membership dues in January to keep the block for February activities.
Both lain Bartholemew and Gail Williamson deserve particular mention for their efforts during 2001 .
The main event for 2002 is PETEX on 10th – 12th December with the theme Extending the Limits. This will be the biggest and best yet. In order to accommodate the demand for exhibition space the venue has transferred to Olympia. Make a note in your diaries now and book early.
Having said that nothing radical is proposed there are three significant changes planned for 2002:

    • After 25 years at the Scientific Society Lecture Theatre the Tuesday evening lecture venue has moved permanently to the Geological Society at Burlington House, Piccadilly. This has been occasioned by a change of management at the SSLT. The Geological Society will be an excellent venue, the only drawback being a slightly longer walk to The Guinea for those in need of a post-lecture beer!
    • The President ‘s Evening has moved to February, but is still in recognition of the 2001 President, lain Bartholemew. We would enjoy your feedback as to whether to keep a post-Christmas date or to revert to the traditional December period.
    • Two Graduate Days are planned for Spring 2002 (one in London and one in Edinburgh) at which the industry has the opportunity to promote itself to the next generation of geoscientists. We are all aware of the skewed demographics of the industry and its negative perception with the public, so come along and demonstrate that the oil industry is still the most exciting place to work and build a career.

In addition to these changes the Society will be continuing with its normal events such as field trips (agricultural diseases permitting), seminars and conferences. We are also continuing our efforts to get reciprocal arrangements with other like-minded Societies – MOU’s were signed during 200 1 with both the SPE, SEAPEC, the LPS and AFES.
Finally, and most importantly, Council is there for your benefit. We try to put your ideas into effect. Without your ideas and feedback we operate in a vacuum, without direction or recognition. All members of Council are open to suggestions and ideas on all aspects of the Society ‘s business so don ‘t hold back. A short questionnaire will be dispatched shortly to you to get additional feedback so please return it with your comments. This is your Society so lets keep it working. As someone said recently: with over 5000 members for the third consecutive year, you must be doing something right! We just want to do better.

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