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Sat 01 January 2005

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Out with the old, in with the new!

A new year beckons. 2004 saw the arrival of $50 a barrel and record gas prices. I wait expectantly for the highlights of the coming year. I am actually writing my inaugural President’s
page on a cold November evening with ice forming on my car windscreen outside. It augurs well for gas prices! By the time you read this article Christmas will have passed and the darkest
days of winter a distant memory.
PETEX finished a few days ago and was a great success and we still have the Prospect Fair to hold before we can let Olde Father Tyme take away the old year. It would be remiss of me not to thank the retiring council members from the Executive Council. Steve Boldy has led Council in 2004 with his usual aplomb managing to be present at the monthly meetings whether in Aberdeen, Dublin or London on the day. His ability to throw his voice is legendary!
Alan Booth retires from Past President having given three years to the cause. He has championed UK exploration; his “Crie de Coeur” is a battle cry to all explorationists looking to find the next “big one”. Duncan McKay has retired as Director Newsletter after a marathon 6-year stint. This is above the “call for duty” and he leaves the monthly newsletter thriving and is to be particularly commended for encouraging “meaty” technical articles to be included. Bryan Moseley has completed his stint as Director Training and Secretary and is renowned for his ability to produce the minutes of the monthly Council meeting before most of us have left the Guinea!
Finally I must thank Giancarlo Rizzi for stepping into the breach as Director Aberdeen. The recent attendances at the monthly meetings are a testimony to his leadership and enthusiasm. I thank all retiring Council members for their contributions to the continuing success of our Society and I expect they will enjoy attending the monthly lectures knowing somebody else has taken on the mantle to do the planning. At the time of writing I do not know the outcome of the elections for the 2005 Committee but I am sure the new team including the continuing members will continue to “lead the charge”.
Before putting my pen down a big thanks to Gail and the team in the office. They are very efficient and always friendly, unless Leicester Tigers lose, which is rare nowadays! They ensure Society business is administered with minimum fuss and managed to organise three events in the last four months of the year and also move office! Well done and thank you from all PESGB members.
Have a successful 2005 and let’s hope we (I, you, someone) find that next big one.
And remember the future is stratigraphic ….. .

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