PESGB July 2001

Sun 01 July 2001

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In the months that have passed since I last contributed in a general way to the page three position of the Newsletter we have attempted to introduce a number of features and issues for you, our members, to consider.
In March we published the first contributions to the new series of Opinion Pieces which we hoped would stimulate debate amongst the members – the two pieces that month (“Changing face of the industry: Can We Manage Oil Industry Cyclicity More Effectively?” and “Who speaks for our new graduates?”) did indeed generate some debate – however the appeal for other contributions has so far proved to be in vain. Our publication deadlines are such that there is only a short window to respond each month but a worthwhile piece received shortly after the monthly deadline can be included without too many complications. I am cognoscente that we are all very busy people these days, and that time is of the essence in all our lives, but would ask whether there is anyone who has strong views about an issue facing our industry who would like to open a debate?
April and May saw the President outline the discussions that your Council have been involved with in consideration of the future direction of your Society. We assumed that members would have strong views – either on what we are doing right or indeed on what we are doing wrong in the strategic direction of the PESGB as we move into the twenty and there is nothing that the membership feels we should change; or else, and perhaps more seriously, there are things are that you, our members, feel should be changed which we the Council do not understand.
There have also been appeals for more minor activities – we are seeking to improve the quality of coverage for forthcoming events in the diary and continue to appeal for contributions from our membership. Whilst the published diary will continue to focus on PESGB and associated societies events the revamped website will allow us to include many more events of possible interest to members. What are your “pet events”? Please let Julie in the office know of things that may be of interest to other members. As I write this piece, it is too early to see whether the requests for comments from our President (on the expansion of the global network) and our Director of Training (in respect of the EGTTC) have had any effect, the June News letter has only been out for a
few days. Do you have any comments or contributions in these areas?
Council are the servants of the membership and we can not be right all of the time, so we do need our members to contribute to the debates on issues around the Society. Please feel free to do so, either directly to Council members or via the office.
We have a gap in the production schedule for the Newsletter with the next issue deadline on July 10th -this is your chance to contribute.
I hope that you all have a good and enjoyable summer and I also look forward to launching the new website in early September, of which more anon.

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