PESGB June 1999

Tue 01 June 1999

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No editorial last month as the President and I have agreed to write pieces in alternate months to release space for other content.
The initiatives that we have taken with the Newsletter have, so far, been well received by the Society’s members especially if lack of comment is taken to be assent. Advertisers and contributors have accepted the layout changes which have allowed the production manager – our ever helpful Karen – to optimise plate layouts and thereby reduce the production costs of the Newsletter.
In this context I would like to remind members that the web site ( is being used to compliment what we publish in the newsletter. Space restrictions, in this issue, have meant that we have been unable to publish neither the student award article from Keeley Dodge nor the various book reviews we have received . Being in the information business I am aware that it can be difficult to remember that one needs to check one’s favorite web sites on a regular basis. To assist members we have decided that a list of items added to the web site, rather than being published in the Newsletter, will be included in the Newsletter. I would also note that, apart from Agent technologies, there are Internet services which will email you when websites change – even down
to the page level.
The changes to the constitution that you approved last year mean that we have to proceed with the nomination process for your Council earlier than in past years. In accordance with Article IV, Section 3, your Council via this editorial is seeking nominations for six vacancies on counciI, to serve for the period 2000-2002. The vacancies are for President Elect, First Vice-President, Treasurer, Field Trip Director, Aberdeen Director and Events Director. Further information and reminders about the election will be published in future newsletters.
For those members who are relocating to Aberdeen, can we remind you that last year the newsletter included various articles about the city. The articles are still relevant today and can be found in the members ‘ only section of the website. They are also available from the office for a small fee to cover photocopying and postage.
With members potentially having a need for access to information outside their company libraries can I remind you that the PESGB office does not have library and information facilities. The society has an arrangement with the Institute of Petroleum, to provide library and information services to PESGB members who receive the same service as members of the IP and we would encourage you to utilise these facilities, which are needed by the PESGB. Detailed information is provided on the website.
If you have a need for a central London base please remember that the PESGB Office has a member’s room, which can be visited and used free of charge. There is also a meeting room,
available for hire at a modest cost. Detailed in formation is available on the website or from the office. We would remind members that the PESG B has to move offices this year, and that the move could happen quickly, and there may be an option of a short-term sub-let on the existing Dover Street lease. Contact the office for more information.
Finally can I emphasise the comment made by Bob Leppard in his Field Trips’ report and widen this to all events. In the current climate it is essential that you book early for the programme of events which are being organised for the summer months, we cannot guarantee to run events which are likely to be loss making.
Your Council is currently reviewing the autumn programme at the moment.

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