PESGB March 2019

Wed 27 February 2019

Category: Magazines

Highlights include:

  • ARTICLE:Towards Diversity & Inclusivity
  • ARTICLE: Open Letter to PESGB encouraging companies to sponsor ‘Returnships’ following a career break
  • NEWS FEATURE: New Zealand’s Crown Minerals (Petroleum) Amendment Act 2018 – Industry killer or a policy that reflects a struggling exploration environment?
  • NEWS FEATURE: North Sea E&P – Johan Sverdrup to lead renewed growth

Plus much more inside

Membership Matters

Despite the earlier downturns experienced by our Industry, the PESGB has managed to maintain its membership such that its numbers have on average exceeded 5000. The most recent collapse in the oil price has seen wide scale redundancies. Many casualties have felt compelled to wave adieu to the oil patch in favour of pursuing employment opportunities elsewhere. This time in 2017, the PESGB membership had fallen to 3,500, marking a record low for the Society. Over the course of 2018 the numbers had increased to 4100 by year end, perhaps supported by a firming of the oil price.

Since the downturn, the PESGB has lost members from across the cohort. However, the most significant losses have come from the extreme ends of the experience spectrum; most noticeably from the ‘younger’ and the ‘older’ members as they consider alternative careers and retirement, respectively. Whilst the PESGB’s membership for the most part comprises geoscientists, the Society has welcomed new members from other disciplines including engineers, economists, lawyers, accountants and marketing professionals. As such its membership encompasses a broad range of professional expertise and experience. There are numerous stories that do the rounds that attribute a PESGB event, such as an evening lecture for catalysing commercial deals through to proactive recruitment and job interviews. Indeed, rumour has it that back in the hay day when the price of oil was peaking upwards of $100 per barrel, certain companies were so committed to remaining ‘in touch’, that attendance at PESGB evening meetings was supported by a generous expense account in order to prevent FOMO – fear of missing out in social networking parlance! This may well be apocryphal, but does lend weight to the benefits of attending PESGB events.

So, apart from the obvious benefits of professional networking, what else does the PESGB bring to its members? The monthly lectures in London and Aberdeen regularly attract attendance from over 200 members at the Geological Society and Jury’s Inn between them. These events, along with meetings convened by the various ‘SIGs’ (Special Interest Groups), attract corporate sponsorship to cover refreshments for those able to attend. In order to meet members’ expectations outside of London and Aberdeen the PESGB has established the development of Regional Groups which it continues to support.

Of all the PESGB brands, perhaps PETEX is its most famous and most successful. This biannual conference has grown over the last thirty years or so to become the ‘industry’ event in northwest Europe. Its success is based on providing excellent value for money, not only to conference delegates but also to exhibiting companies. This model has grown to include other projects such as the PROSPEX, DEVEX, SEAPEX and Africa conferences.

Since its inception in 1964, the PESGB has undertaken to provide its members with affordable, high quality training courses and field trips. For 2019, the PESGB is planning to run five courses from its new offices in central London. In parallel with the formal training, the PESGB has an active Outreach Programme which is designed to promote earth sciences to the general public. This year, the Stoneley Lecture will be delivered by Dr Steve Etches, who will use his renowned fossil collection to illustrate his presentation “Plumbing the Depths of the Kimmeridge Clay”.
All of the Society’s events are promoted through the monthly publication and distribution of the PESGB Magazine. Regular features include ‘Members on the Move’ and Industry News; all designed to keep the membership informed. Last and not least, the Society provides an annual listing of the PESGB membership and their professional affiliations and contact details, which is distributed at no cost to its members.

So, as you contemplate the renewal of your annual subscription, I hope you will agree with me that membership does matter and that the PESGB continues to deliver an affordable and beneficial service.

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