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Sat 01 May 1999

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PESGB Website

Please note that a longer version of this editorial has been included on the website itself.
Comments from the last membership questionnaire showed that you like the website, but Council agree with members, that the site could be kept more up to date. To this end, a new member of staff, Jerushah, has joined the office with one aspect of her role being to update the website on a weekly basis with new material and in particular current details of our events.
If you have not visited the website recently, because it was out of date when you last visited, take a fresh look – and keep visiting! Our efforts to protect Society information by passwords have caused some concerns to members. We have therefore standardised the membership password section, for the time being, with details always to be found at the bottom of the Newletter’s contents page. Also included each month at your request, unless editorial content has been heavily reduced, is a list of material available in the members’ only section. Concern about the contents of the members’ section and the loss of printed details, particularly the membership directory has also been expressed by some members and as a consequence Council will be issuing a
printed membership directory later this year. Can I take this opportunity to remind members that the Directory is only as valuable as you make it by asking you to report any changes of address to the office. Cutoff dates are noted elsewhere in this Newsletter. Until we produce a printed directory the data is located in the members’ section of the website, in a searchable pdf format.
Many of you have also suggested that we provide a fresh look and feel to the website and also provided ideas for new material to be placed on the site. Some members have also offered, formally and informally, to help with the website development. As a consequence of these offers and in order to be open and fair to all members, your Council is putting a website ” makeover” out to tender. We will award the work to the company able to commit the most experience, energy and enthusiasm to the PESGB website in the near future. I would note, however, that as a registered charity, any website work is unlikely to be financially profitable. We would ask anyone, individually or corporately, who would be interested in this work, and who have not already been in contact with us, to contact the PESGB office urgently. Council intend to review the website on 9th May and require any ” bids” by this date – we would apologise for the short notice that this involves. The
aim is to overhaul the site by this summer. We also welcome any further feedback and suggestions from members – please email them to before 9th May. Thank you.

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