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Sun 01 May 2005

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DEVEX 2005 – can you afford NOT to be there?

We more mature members of the petroleum geoscience workforce, who now account for the demographic majority, have seen our fa ir share of ups and downs. Who was it that said our industry was extremely cyclical – twelve month highs followed by twelve-year lows? Well, I’m sure you’ ll all agree with me that at the moment it ‘s a great time to be working in the oil patch …… $50+/bb l oil, companies dusting off that prospect/sate llite development/ infill drilling opportunity that fail ed to clear the economic hurdle a couple of years ago, job ads galore! As well as the stimulation from higher oil prices, the DTI also deserves some of the credit for the increased levels of activity and demand for human resources we are now seeing which have in part resulted from the awarding of promote licences, fallow block and discovery initiatives, prospect fairs, the promotion of the redevelopment of abandoned fields and heavy oil prospectivity.
Hats off also to those members of the DEVEX 2004 committee who were determined that this should not only become an annual event but should also be expanded to cover broader and more integrated aspects of our subsurface work. Consequently against this backdrop of intense current industry activity aimed at gaining every additional barrel as quickly as possible, DEVEX 2005 to be held on 18th and 19th May at the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre could not be more timely. The theme will be “Subsurface Techniques for Maximising Recovery” and the event will also incorporate a DTI seminar on Increased Oil Recovery and feature a special workshop on Heavy Oil. There’ll be two parallel sessions and posters this year such has been the excellent response to the call for papers. I find it extremely reassuring that at a time when most people are being asked by their management to do the jobs of at least two others, they can still find the time to contribute to conferences such as this.
We’re going to kick off this year with a breakfast meeting, where Mike Wagstaff CEO of Venture Production Company will be our keynote speaker, just to whet the appetite ! (groan). The following two-day programme includes sessions covering greenfields, enabling technologies, brownfields , integrated modelling, reservoir characterisation, rock mechanics and fluid modelling in addition to the heavy oil workshop. In each session we have attempted to offer a mixture of case studies, technology advancements and ongoing R&D project work. So there should be something to interest everybody! Now how can you have a great conference without a field trip? Rest assured we’ve even thought of that but places are limited so book early. At the end of the second day Martin Johnson will lead us over the Old Red Sandstone outcrops and the Highland Boundary Fault in the bay at Stonehaven harbour followed by dinner at the excellent Tollbooth restaurant on the harbour front. What a finale!
So come along to DEVEX 2005 and network, learn and meet up with old friends. This is going to be an exceptional event and great value for money. All this for around £300 for the two days, it ‘s a steal. So here’s to an excellent conference. See you there!
I would like to acknowledge the sterling effort of my fellow members on the organising committee drawn from the ranks of the PESGB, SPE, AFES memberships and the ditz, particularly
chairman Gert de Jonge , and the management skills of Hulse Rodger & Co who helped keep everything on track despite my initiative of introducing alcohol into the committee meetings.
Finally, following the usual parting editorial comments of the current PESGB president, as a proud Welshman I fee l I must mention rugby. But there again what’s left to say?

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