PESGB November 2001

Thu 01 November 2001

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This month ‘s editorial is an introduction to the recently launched website, The new site was officially opened to the world on September 17th. We are featuring the site this month as it was undergoing final testing at the press date of the October issue. As those of you who have visited the new site will have realised each member now has an individual login for the members section. Your membership number is needed along with your surname. How to get your number can be found later in this newsletter and also on the front page of the new site. So far about 20% of members have applied for their membership number. Please keep a note of this number, as you will have to log in each time you open your browser. Individual passwords mean
that the security of the Website is greatly enhanced which allows us, for instance, to provide a fully searchable database facility The other significant inclusion in the members’ section is the Bulletin Board,, where a number of boards have been started. These boards are intended for the general use of our members, so please use them. The office will be using the Announcements board to keep members updated with Society News and Events – it is here that the latest information about “anything” will be posted, so why not bookmark the Bulletin Boards, or better still add a shortcut to your desktop?
I could naturally continue to outline the contents of the Website but this would take away the opportunity for members to explore the site themselves and find the wealth of resources available. We still welcome, for consideration, useful links that members may wish to submit to the office – a formal policy on what we will link to will have been published by the time you read this editorial.
I have been asked by the President to remind members of the annual election for Council Officers, the call for nominations having closed on October 1st. I am unaware, as I write, of the success of the call but voting papers are included in the November mailing as an insert. Please check your loose papers to ensure that you have received a ballot paper. Please use this opportunity to select those officers who will serve on the PESGB Council for 2002/03.
Next, l owe two apologies to Neil Parkinson in respect of his Opinion Piece published last month. We omitted his email address from the piece – it is ‘neil_parkin’. By a “cut and paste” error I also gave him an incorrect affiliation and am happy to record that Neil is not connected with the Energy Network.
Finally, it is with great regret that I have to advise the membership of the death of Richard Warren, we publish an obituary later in this Newsletter.

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