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Wed 01 October 2003

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Men of few words …..

As we approach the end of 2003 my period as PESGB Vice-President comes to an end, but you may ask what does the Vice-President do during his two years in office?
Well the primary role is to organize the monthly London lecture, but in addition I convened the Extending Field Life conference held in Aberdeen in May 2003. The Vice-President’s job is not an easy one , you have to work hard to identify a varied lecture programme which will appeal to a wide audience, at the same time try to vet talks from individuals and organizations which might be construed as “sales presentations”. Generally speaking case studies make entertaining listening and are a low risk strategy.
Balance is the key word, different geologic basins, different technologies and presenters from oil companies and service sector, we even managed to slip in a talk on meteorite impact craters! Along the road there are various pitfalls such as the speaker who is made redundant, the one who arrived late and even one who may have had a few too many refreshments beforehand.
The final hazard occurs after the talk , the formal thank you! I think I have enjoyed doing this the most, although I am sure that some of my more cryptic observations have perplexed both speaker and audience as I have sought to reflect on the presentations. There are many who believed that the move to the Geological Society would be a bad thing, possibly because it is further removed from their favorite hostelry. However, after nearly two years the auditorium is often nearly full to capacity, and the innovation of refreshments in the Lower Library has added to the sense of social occasion. After twenty plus years as a member I believe the monthly evening lectures are as successful as ever and I encourage everyone of you to take time to attend , to listen to a few words of wisdom and meet some old friend s at the Guinea afterwards
The last two years have flown and I look back on a very enjoyable and challenging time , I wish to express my thanks to all our sponsors, the ladies in the PESGB office who ensure the programme I select actually happens, and of course you the members for your enthusiasm and support. Last but not least though , the presenters for their time and efforts, for as Shakespeare says …. .. ” Men of few words are the best of men” .
But what will I do in my retirement, you may ask? Well surprise, surprise as I write this editorial I am preparing to chair the first meeting of the Petex 2004 technical programme committee, hopefully I will see you there!

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