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Sat 01 October 2005

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President’s Page- Jim Munns

As I write my President’s page this month it is odd to reflect that I am three quarters of the way though my year as PESGB President. I noted that a couple of years ago Chris Bulley writing for
this page was equally surprised at the speed the year moved by. I was at Offshore Europe earlier in the week and the event was buzzing. The results of the 23rd Licensing Round had just been
announced with yet another set of unfamiliar companies entering the fray. Exploration activity is high with several important well s currently drilling and the industry looking for the next big
The excitement around the industry is somewhat modified with sadness because of the events of the past week. Hurricane Katrina has wrecked havoc in the US Gulf coast leaving New Orleans
particularly devastated. Again we are forced to reflect on the power of nature so soon after the tsunami in the Far East earlier in the year. Many geologists the world over have spent time in New Orleans as it is the ideal starting point for field trips looking at modern clastic sedimentation on the Mississippi delta. Standing on the delta-front one can witness sub-surface diapiric movement of the salt as ev idenced by wooden piles being forced out of the ground. Another highlight is a helicopter flight over this mud-dominated delta system and seeing the sparkling yellow sands in sporadic crevasse splays. To my mind the combination of jazz, great Creole cooking and the spectacular modern sedimentation leads all of us to hope for the rejuvenation of this great city in the future.
I thought the fossil ray from Steve Etche’s collection on the front cover last month was spectacular. By the time you read this articie the PESGB Council will have voted on a motion to give some financial support to preserving this important collection for posterity. I will keep you informed!
As we all get back into our busy lives after the summer break I thought it appropriate to mention the remaining PESGB courses and events for the year. Mick Caulfield and Bryan Moseley are convening the New Business Practice seminar in October, this should be of interest to many people setting up their own companies , consultants and small companies looking for advice on
raising capital to fund projects. [n mid-November there is the Carbonate Conference targeted at Geoscientists working in the Middle to Far East on the exploration, exploitation and development
of carbonate reservoirs . Both events promise to be of great interest and I encourage you to attend. Two other events for your diary are the 3rd Annual Prospect Fair on the 13th and 14th
December held at the Islington Business Centre. Come and “buy” prospects for 2006 drilling or just network with colleagues. An added attract ion is the PESGB President’s evening on the 14th
December at the Silver Gallery, Somerset House. Bring your ice skates as there will be a one hour guided skating lesson for the more active members. And last but not least, the Aberdeen
Christmas Party is set for December 6th at the Aberdeen Art Gallery. Details of all these events are in the newsletter or on the PESGB website. Do support these courses and social events as
the society works hard to provide such member benefits.
As I have promised not to mention the ‘R’ word I won’t and as for the England football team …. !!!

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