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PESGB October 2006

Sun 01 October 2006

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Hopefully, you’ ll all be enjoying an Indian summer as you read this, whereas I am penning this note wrapped in a jumper and woolly socks on a cold (11°C) blustery August morning! So much for global warming. Those heady days of a hotter than hot July seem a distant dream, like the hopes of Beck ‘s and the boys lifting that cup.
Following on from May and June editorial notes this year ‘s committee is keen to encourage the entry into the industry of new graduates to succeed an experienced but aging workforce.The committee regards education as a key area where, through selected disbursement of membership funds , the PESGB can pro-actively encourage earth science studies across the education span from as early as KS2 right through to undergraduate and post graduate level. Having been called upon myself , on many occasions, to support geology lessons in local primary schools (one of the hazards of marrying a teacher) I know the difference good quality resources and technical knowledge can bring to lessons and also the genuine enthusiasm and interest of even young pupils in all aspects of earth science topics. The committee will continue to actively support educational earth science initiatives.
We are pleased to update the membership that the Museum of Jurassic Marine Life at Kimmeridge Bay is progressing well. Outline planning permission has been granted for the restoration and redevelopment of Blackmanston Barns into a museum , cafe and farm shop. Car parking and a coach disembarkation/embarkation area are included in the plans. Council Officers and Building regulations should see this completed fairly soon, at which time planning on the internal design will begin in earnest. The area will be approximately 200 square metres , with access to facilities into which the museum will be fitted, to incorporate an office, a workshop with viewing facilities, a storeroom, display area and toilet facilities . A specific area is to be put aside for student/researcher study.
Efforts now are concentrating in the search for grants/donations for the fit-out of the internal building. To facilitate the preservation of the collection in the required conditions and complete the complex as planned will require an additional £250,000. To date offers totalling £55,000 have been received. Meetings with DEFRA and several other institutions are being arranged to seek further grants and donations. It is hoped to open during 2007 but, as you will appreciate, this may vary due to factors beyond their control.
It is good to know that this excellent collection will at last be rescued from the confines of a garage to be displayed in a purpose built museum. We all appreciate the importance of the Jurassic epoch, since without it our industry would not exist here in the UK. The committee is extremely pleased to be associated with such a worthwhile project that will provide an excellent informative and educational resource for generations to come.
Looking to future events, the Boulby Mine visit is scheduled for the 1st November and both the PETEX Conference (November 21st-23rd) and the Prospect Fair 2006 (December 12th & 13th) are already heavily subscribed, although a few delegate places remain. So reserve your places quickly. 2006 will culminate in the President ‘s Evening that is presently planned to be held at Lords Cricket Ground on the closing night of the Promote fair conference. Christmas, therefore, must only be round the corner! It arrived in mid-August in Harrods. Not global warming then, the reason for the woolly socks, but merely Christmas weather arriving early!
I’ll sign off in normal President ‘s style, being a keen sports fan too . After the disappointments of June it ‘s good to see the impressive performances of the England cricket team and (with deference to Frank) the progress of young Mr Murray. However, the early results from the Foxes (Leicester City FC) seem to indicate they won’ t keep the Wolves from the door!

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