Mentoring Scheme

The PESGB run a mentoring scheme where we match experienced industry professionals to those with less than ten years’ experience. Great care is taken to ensure that the mentor/mentee pairs are a good fit for each other using their discipline, career aspirations/achievements and location as a guide.

This year, through continued advertisement of the scheme, we have recruited 10 new, highly experienced mentors (average industry experience of 25 years) who are very keen to be involved and mentor young professionals in the industry for career advice/planning, technical development, and life experience (working in different countries, etc). Furthermore, we have had previous mentors come back to us asking for more mentees indicating how successful and rewarding the scheme is for both mentees and mentors! We have received strong interest from young professionals who are keen to use the scheme to further their development in the industry.

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Receiving mentoring through the PESGB can bring benefits such as:

  • Personal development leading to knowledge, technical and behavioural improvements
  • Management of career goals
  • Wider network of influence
  • Increased confidence and self-awareness to build performance and contribution

We will only match you with a mentor who suits your skill set and aspirations.

Common mentoring discussions:

Knowledge: technical knowledge, industry information

Networking: contacts to widen knowledge

Career Development: the future, job transition, development alongside role

People Management Skills: presentations, influencing, time management

Overcoming Challenges: managing difficult situations, lack of autonomy

If you are interested in being mentored please email
Please use the term ‘Mentee’ in the subject of your email


PESGB YP Mentoring is an independent and flexible programme aimed at facilitating the transfer of knowledge through the industry. The PESGB YP Committee will match you with Young Professionals who have aspirations similar to your career. PESGB YP Mentors encourage the widest possible use of appropriate resources, and may offer their own network of contacts.

Flexible: Whether it is only by email or face to face, one person or many; you only need to commit to what you can manage

Rewarding: Mentors get the satisfaction of developing people and passing on their knowledge, skills and expertise

Variety: Discussions can take on a number of different topics from; technical details to training needs, relationships with colleagues and managers or career progression.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor please email
Please use the term ‘Mentor’ in the subject of your email



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