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Regional Branches are run by PESGB members, for PESGB members.

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The Aberdeen Branch of PESGB. It is the operational hub of the U.K.’s offshore industry. The branch hosts the largest population of PESGB members outside of London and the south-east- over 600 members.

The aim of the group is to provide a forum and group for people located in Aberdeen, with an interest in oil and gas, to meet, share ideas and expand their network.

There is a very active calendar of events, including monthly evening lectures, DEVEX, and the Aberdeen Christmas Party- to end the year with a celebratory feel. The PESGB Young Professionals are very active in the region (the YP Committee has 50% of their representatives from Aberdeen). They run a series of interesting events, including “GEOlympics” and fundraising for the Aberdeen Cyrenians.

To ensure their interests are fully catered for there are always two members who sit on the PESGB Council; the Aberdeen Director and the Aberdeen Director Elect. They are responsible for the Aberdeen region branch.

Branch coordinated by:

Aberdeen Director, Cliff Lovelock:

Berks, Bucks & Oxon

A PESGB Regional Group representing members from the three counties. The group was launched in May 2016 to create a place for PESGB members in the area to meet, discuss new ideas and broaden their network.

The Thames Valley and surrounding areas is a hub of the oil and gas industry with many companies, and staff, based in the region, in a mixture of exploration companies and small to large consultancies.

Additionally, Oxford, Reading and Royal Holloway Universities are closely located to Henley (the area most meetings or events take place). This provides an opportunity for students to meet and discuss with present industry staff.

The branch has proved to be an excellent forum for the geoscientists to meet, exchange ideas and gain insights into the varied work environment that exists within the region in what is a very challenging time for the industry.

Branch coordinated by:

John Clark:, Jay Sahota:, Joseph Nicholson:, & John Argent:

Cumberland & Lake District

The regional group to represent PESGB members in the Cumberland and Lake District areas. This branch formed during 2014 in response to the significant members across the area, now consisting from 50 plus members- consultants, owners, employees, independents, contractors, academics and Aberdeen and London commuters. The aim is to provide a group in which members can meet, exchange ideas and develop networking skills and opportunities.

We are half way between London and Aberdeen, surrounded by nine international airports and three hours from London by train. This low-cost area is benefitting significantly from fibre broadband roll-out to all the rural areas, keeping members connected together.

Our branch meets on a flexible basis, as and when members express preference for certain dates to fit in with busy schedules. The normal format for meetings is a rural pub lunch or evening drinks, with dinner. This can include a laptop presentation. Visitors are welcome.

Branch coordinated by:

Dave Bodecott,, & Jonathan Redfern,

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Houston has the largest concentration of PESGB members based overseas- 100+ members. The Regional Branch was established in September 2016.

The purpose of the group is to provide memebrs with opportunity to network, share ideas and research, and to attend events and frequent branch meetings.

Branch coordinated by:

Denis Potapov: & Steven Sawyer:


The PESGB Regional Branch to represent the members living and working in oil and gas in Ireland. With over 150 members this group provides a community for members to meet, discuss ideas and network with like-minded people.

The group organises talks, seminars and social events for the small, yet vibrant, community of industry professionals in Ireland. The branch is also responsible for co-hosting the popular Energy Industry Evening with the SPE Ireland Branch in the spring of each year.

Furthermore, the group works in collaboration with the PESGB Young Professionals special interest group.

Branch coordinated by:

Conor O’Sullivan:


The PESGB Regional Branch for members in Liverpool and the surrounding areas. With over 50 members the group provides a place for members to meet, have discussion about geological research, to have frequent branch meetings and a chance to broaden networking opportunities.

There is a mix of current and retired petroleum industry professionals from the northwest of England, and Liverpool University academics who research and teach petroleum geology.

This allows an opportunity for current petroleum geology students to meet industry professionals, as the group is based at Liverpool University.

Furthermore, we want to showcase to the public the important societal contribution made by the petroleum industry and the academic research and teaching that supports it.

Branch coordinated by:

Glyn Carter:, Maggie Williams:, Peter Burgess:

North Wales

The North Wales Regional Group of PESGB id hosted by Geoscience Wales Limited. Our objectives are to promote the geosciences through providing networking and educational opportunities through regular cluster meetings, seminars, and the occasional field trips locally.

The group hosts a number of events every year, centred around monthly meetings arranged for the benefit of our members and other interested geoscientists.

Meetings are usually held in Conwy at the Royal Cambrian Academy on the third Thursday of each month. It provides a forum for networking and the exchange of ideas, with an authoritative speaker presenting their latest ideas in the field.

Previously topics have included: Magnetic Susceptibility in Oil & Gas; UKNS heavy oil field with steam flood; Modern Seismic imaging of Zechstein deposits; Reservoirs of Taranaki Basin, New Zealand; and a Review of the Pre-Salt Geology of the Santos Basin offshore Brazil.

About once a year, usually during the summer, we hold a one-day (or less) field trip to see something of geological interest for the group. We have also had talks around the impact of geology on beer production and wine growing in the U.K. – with tastings!

Branch coordinated by:

Barrie Wells:


As Sun SPARC 2 workstations were being shut down in oil companies around the UK, a group of petroleum geoscientists started gathering in an upstairs room at The White House pub, Guildford. Talk was of plummeting oil prices and possible loss of jobs. Further afield, James was starting another night of revision for his GCSEs and Sarah-Jane was in Aberdeen hand contouring maps for the Clair Field development. That was May 22nd 1997. Fast forward 20 years to May 2017, and little has changed. Oil prices may be higher than the $19.70 level they were that night in 1997 and Sarah-Jane and James, the current organisers, are fully embracing the technologies available to the oil industry, but a group of petroleum geoscientists will still be gathering in The White House pub, Guildford. These will be members of the PESGB Surrey Branch, the largest and longest running regional branch of the PESGB.

The PESGB Surrey Branch was set up by Chris Bulley (Ranger) and Tadeusz ‘Boz’ Brzozowski (Phillips) in spring 1997 as a way of getting the Guildford/Woking oil companies to do more joint venturing together and also avoid the ever-increasing travel from London to Aberdeen. Boz in his role as 2nd Vice President suggested there might be PESGB funding available so Chris approached the PESGB and was greeted with a positive response. However, due to the lack of technical content to be covered in the meetings, direct funding by the PESGB was not forthcoming. Undaunted, various companies were approached and in turn agreed to sponsor the first few meetings by paying for the hire of the upstairs room at The White House in Guildford with a little put behind the bar to pay for the first drink of each attendee. Over 60 people from 18 companies in the Surrey catchment area attended that very first meeting. In the early days, the hard-core local oil companies which provided the critical mass to get the Surrey Branch going were Ranger, Phillips and Arco. Today the branch is attended by industry people from as far afield as Henley, Reading and Crawley and MSc students from Egham. We may be too large a group now to fit into the private room upstairs, but the ethos remains much the same; an opportunity to network and engage with colleagues about the industry we love. More recently, we have taken on a more supportive role with people appreciating the ideas offered to them whilst they look for a future in the industry. The longevity of the branch is testament to the continued support of its members and the companies who are still able to offer us sponsorship in these difficult times. We really hope that the legacy of Chris Bulley and Boz, who sadly died in August 2007, is able to live on for another 20 years.

Branch coordinated by:

Sarah-Jane Kelland:

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