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Low-cost training and field trips are an integral part of the the PESGB community. Many of our events are led and delivered by volunteers from within our membership; it is a great way to meet and share knowledge! Get involved!

To get you on your way, we have compiled a list of questions which will help us pull together your event. Do not worry if you do not know the answers to all the questions at this stage!

Once submitted this information will be forwarded to the Education & Training Director to see whether it will fit into our events calendar. Please note that completing this form does not guarantee your event will be able to take place, although we will always do our best to accommodate all requests.

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Many members will have taken part in, hopefully enjoyed and possibly even run a field trip or a technical course during their career, be it with the PESGB or externally (other industry organisations are of course available!).  These will have been extremely valuable in many ways, from career progression to simply gaining new insights into old rocks.

Field trips are becoming fewer and farther between – the time involved in putting together an intensive and interesting trip is often not rewarded by the number of people able to commit to going – something we have found increasingly frequently at the PESGB.  We want to try to bridge the gap in a number of ways – to enable “nose-on-the-rocks” experience that (as a Council colleague has recently stated), so many of us crave but are unwilling or unable to commit the time to.

With that in mind, the PESGB would like to build a library of field trip and course manuals, to enable our members to access and organise field trips for themselves.  This would be a member benefit – members would be able to access a library of information and head off alone or in their own, self-organised groups, using tried, tested and trusted field guides, without the constraints of having to rely on organisations for the logistics.

Whilst we appreciate that there is potentially a copyright issue, in that the original field trip providers (be they universities, companies, or individuals) own the IP for their material, we are hoping that our members will be prepared to share their own field guide materials for the benefit of the wider society.  We are also aware that there are many discontinued providers, either companies that no longer provide courses, or individuals that have moved on to pastures new, that might be willing to see their hard work in ongoing use, rather than discarded.

The PESGB see this as the starting point for a new way of looking at field trips.  We are looking at the possibility of setting up a directory of field trip expertise, with advice on itineraries, view points and even accommodation.  All ideas warmly welcomed!

We do hope you will support the PESGB in this initiative.  It is our aim to make field trips accessible for all members.  If you own the copyright and would like to contribute your work, please contact

The PESGB will continue to offer field trips to the best outcrops that the UK has to offer – please contact the PESGB with suggestions for future visits.

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