Old Timers

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Who are the “Old Timers”?
The “Old Timers” are a group within PESGB that caters to the needs of those with ~35+ years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. It is envisaged that the group would consist of semi-retired and retired PESGB members. Meetings would be initially in London, in the meeting room of the PESGB’s new office, Welby House, 96 Wilton Road, London, later spreading to other locations in the UK as demand dictates.


What is the aim of the PESGB “Old Timers”?
The “Old Timers” would have monthly meetings, two weeks after the PESGB London lecture.  The meeting would start at 11:00 with coffee followed by a talk, to keep the grey cells going.  After the meeting it is envisaged that the majority of those present would adjourn to the local hostelries for Lunch.

Additionally, the “Old Timers” have a vast reservoir of industry knowledge and experience that could as necessary be used to help mentor the Young Professionals or unemployed younger geoscientists, as well as any university department or A-level group that wanted to tap into this pool of experience.


What can the PESGB “Old Timers” do for me?
The “Old Timers” be a community that is active year-round, holding meetings, possibly in August a Geology of London Walk. It would always welcome new members, returners to PESGB and visitors. Above all it should be fun.

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