Old Timers

Upcoming events

Date/Time: Tuesday 21 June 2022 – 11.00-12.00
Guest Speaker: Tim Papworth, Independent Consultant (semi-retired)
Topic: Exploring for Oil and Gas in the Republic of Armenia

Date/Time: Tuesday 19 July 2022 – 11.00-12.00
Guest Speaker: to be confirmed
Topic: to be confirmed

Past 2022 events
Date/Time:Tuesday 17 May 2022 – 11.00-12.00
Guest Speaker:Mike Cooper
Topic: Exciting New Global Emerging Hydrocarbon Provinces, The 20-billion-barrel discoveries

Date/Time: Tuesday 19 April 2022 – 11.00-12.00
Guest Speaker: Alan Foum
Topic: The “Energy trilemma” a discussion

Date/Time: Tuesday 15 March 2022 – 11.00-12.00
Guest Speaker: John Kendall – Consultant
Topic: ‘The Conversation’ – The Positive Impact of Communication Skills on Young Professionals Entering the Industry

Date/Time: Tuesday 15 February 2022 – 11.00-12.00
Guest Speaker: Pete Webb
Topic: ‘The Conversation’ – Fracking Shale For Oil and Gas – a summary

Date/Time: Tuesday 18 January 2022 – 11.00-12.00
Guest Speaker: Mike Lakin
Topic: ‘The Conversation’

Join this SIG

Come and join in the conversation on the third Tuesday of the month at 11 o’clock. In the last few meetings the conversation has been wide-ranging and covered most topics in petroleum exploration and production and the state of the oil industry. Be in at the beginning of the planning of this SIG and help us focus precisely how the “Old Timers” can provide a service to the older PESGB members and serve all especially our younger PESGB members.

Who are the “Old Timers”?
The “Old Timers” is for all those “Veterans” or “Retirees” or “Semi-Retirees” and “Those That Are Just Resting between Jobs” and can meet at 11 o’clock on a Tuesday morning. The meetings are designed to keep the grey cells going.  With the added benefit that after the meeting it is envisaged that the majority of those present would adjourn to the local hostelries for Lunch. In that way the “Old Timers” meetings are an excellent “networking opportunity”, to meet old friends and colleagues with the added advantage that some business might be done.

What is the aim of the PESGB “Old Timers”?
The “Old Timers” have a vast amount of industry knowledge and experience. The big question is how this can be used effectively to mentor/help the “Young Professionals” or any unemployed geoscientists. We have already started the conversation with the “Young professionals”. Your input or experience of mentoring here would be very valuable.

What can the PESGB “Old Timers” do for me?
The “Old Timers” is a PESGB community that is active year-round, holding meetings most months except for August or any month where there is a clash with a PESGB conference like the PROSPEX or PETEX conferences. The “Old Timers” will always welcome new members, returners to PESGB and visitors. Above all it should be fun. So please do come and join the conversation, network and then find somewhere to go to lunch afterwards with old friends, new friends and colleagues.

PESGB Technical Book Transfer Scheme:
The Old Timers and Young Professionals SIG’s have created the Technical Book Transfer Scheme to allow Young Professionals to purchase a collection of books for a reduced cost. By doing so we hope to help aid young professionals in the industry by giving these books a new home, kindly donated by PESGB members. All proceeds will be donated to the PESGB.

If you see a book you would like to purchase or have a book you are no longer in need of, please contact pesgb@pesgb.org.uk who will arrange the logistics and help guide you through the process. To see the current list, please log into your account on the membership platform and click on the ‘Technical Book Transfer Scheme’ group page. To view the Young Professionals SIG page click here.

Organisations wishing to sponsor the Older Timers SIG should contact: pesgb@pesgb.org.uk

To join this Special Interest Group you must be a PESGB member. Please visit https://www.pesgb.org.uk/membership/ to find out more about becoming a member.

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