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Upcoming Events

Date/Time: Wednesday 6 July 2022 – 17.00-18.30 (Virtual)
Two discussions in small breakout rooms, online. These discussions will be:
1. What would we like from this SIG – the committee would like to hear ideas from the members so that they are all represented
2. How do we all see the industry right now? After the downturn, COVID, energy transition and windfall tax, how is the industry positioned to buy new products and services?

Date/Time: Wednesday 31 August 2022 – 17.00-18.30
Topic: Join the Conversation

Date/Time: Wednesday 28 September 2022 – 17.00-18.30
Topic: Join the Conversation

Date/Time:Wednesday 26 October 2022 – 17.00-18.30
Topic: Join the Conversation

Date/Time: Wednesday 30 November 2022 – 17.00-18.30
Topic: Join the Conversation

Join this SIG

The PESGB Sales and Marketing Special Interest Group is open to any members who wish to join, although we anticipate that most members will be working in sales and marketing roles. This might be a specific role within a large service company or in a small consultancy, even if they also do a technical role.

The objective of this SIG will be to develop the knowledge and skills of the members from the experience of others. This is particularly relevant for sales and marketing where experience, “been there, done that” and “war stories” are some of the most useful ways of learning. Our focus will be on sales and marketing but specific to the energy industry and the companies who buy products and services in it.

We plan to host meetings on a monthly basis, on the last Wednesday of each month. While there may be speakers arranged for some meetings, the focus is more likely to be on “the conversation”, discussing a specific topic between the members to exchange ideas, educate ourselves and potentially learn new ways of doing things.

Some initial ideas for discussions include:

• How long is a sales cycle because it seems to be getting longer to me!
• Exhibitions, tech days, corporate entertainment – is any of it really worth it?
• Do you really need to know about geoscience to be successful?
• Creative lead generation in an online/flexible working scenario.

We welcome anyone who would like to volunteer to give a talk or suggest further ideas for discussion – please contact the committee:

• Tim Gibbons, Hoolock Consulting –
• Joanna Hansford, C&C Reservoirs –
• Rhydian Williams, Ikon Science –
• David Macaulay, Geoteric –

Meetings will be a mixture of online and in person. Members in the same geographic location will be encouraged to gather in a single location where possible with all other participants joining via Zoom. In these events, breakout rooms will be utilised to ensure that people joining remotely are not excluded from the discussion. We will endeavour to use company offices or free locations for members to join in person such that there can be a social element for those attending.

Organisations wishing to sponsor the Sales and Marketing SIG should contact:

To join this Special Interest Group you must be a PESGB member. Please visit to find out more about becoming a member.

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