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Upcoming Events

Date/ Time: Monday 27 June 2022 – 18:00-19:00
Guest Speakers
Ross Kennedy – Policy Officer, Carbon Capture and Storage Association
Georgina Katzaros – Policy Officer, Carbon Capture and Storage Association
Topic: CCUS Overview: Opportunities & challenges ahead

View the footage from the 2021 YP Summit hosted by the EAGE:
Day 1: / Day 2:

Past Events

Date/Time: Tuesday 19 April 2022 – 18:00-19:00
Guest Speaker: Charlie Blair – Managing Director, Gravitricity
Topic: Underground energy storage using the gravitational potential of solid weights in deep vertical shafts

Date/Time: Wednesday 9 March 2022 – 18:00-19:00
Guest Speaker: Hamish Wilson – CEO, Lapis Energy
Event: The New World of Creating an International Company

Date/Time: Tuesday 19 April 2022 – 18:00-19:00
Guest Speaker: Charlie Blair – Managing Director, Gravitricity
Event: Underground Energy Storage Using the Gravitational Potential of Solid Weights in Deep Vertical Shafts

Date/Time: Wednesday 23 February 2022 – 18:00-19:00
Guest Speaker: Graham Goffey – Soliton Resources Limited
Event: The case for Responsible Upstream Investment in the UK

Date/Time: Wednesday 26 January 2022 – 18:00-19:00
Guest Speaker: Alan Foum
Event: Working with recruiters, Interviews & professional networking

Date/Time: Wednesday 19 January 2022 – 18:00-19:00
Guest Speaker: Alan Foum
Event: CV’s and Social Media (LinkedIn)

Date/Time: Wednesday 12 January 2022 – 18:00-19:00
Guest Speaker: Alan Foum
Event: Skills and Values

Event: YP Energy Debate (PETEX 2021 Fringe Event)
Date/Time: Wednesday 24 November 2021 (12.45-13.45)
Venue: Business Design Centre, London
Visit the PETEX website to find out more about this event

Date/Time: Saturday 23 October 2021 – 10:30-14:50
Guest Speaker: Professor Dick Selley, Department of Earth Science, Imperial College & author of ‘The Winelands of Britain’
Event: YP Field Trip to Denbies Vineyard

Date/Time: Wednesday 29 September 2021 – 18:00-19:00
Guest Speaker: Ellen Mitchell
Topic: Greenhouse Gas Inventories – What, Why & How?

Date/Time: Wednesday 25 August  2021 – 18:00-19:00
Guest Speaker: Dr. Carl Jacquemyn, Research Fellow, Imperial College London
Topic: Rapid Reservoir Modelling: Sketch-based geologic modelling coupled with flow diagnostics

Date/Time: Tuesday 23 February 2021 – 18:00-19:00
Guest Speaker: Dr Guy Loftus – Director, K2V LTD
Topic: Career Development

Date/Time: Tuesday 24 November 2021 – 18:00-19:00
Guest Speaker: David Linden, Jo Coleman, Jon Gluyas
Topic: PESGB YP 2020 Energy Discussion: How crucial is the role of the oil and gas industry in the development of clean energy technologies?

Date/Time: Thursday 12 November 2020 – 18:30-19:30
Guest Speaker: Adam Law
Topic: AAPYG and YP Joint Meeting: Stability in Transition – The Future for Oil & Gas Professionals

Date/Time: Wednesday 9 September 2020 – 14:00-15:00
Guest Speaker: Dr Dave Quinn
Topic: YP Lockdown Lectures: Bad news, you’re a structural geologist (Even if you don’t have the elbow patches)

Date/Time: Wednesday 2 September 2020 – 14:00-15:00
Guest Speaker: Sean McQuaid
Topic: YP Lockdown Lectures: CCS In The Time of Cholera 

Date/Time: Wednesday 26 August 2020 – 14:00-15:00
Guest Speaker: Simon Stephenson
Topic: YP Lockdown Lectures: Latest Assessment & Mitigation Developments in Underwater Noise & Marine Life

Date/Time: Wednesday 19 August 2020 – 14:00-15:00
Guest Speaker: David Denman
Topic: YP Lockdown Lectures: Implementation of Wide Area UXO Non-technical Survey in Libya, North Africa

Date/Time: Wednesday 12 August 2020 – 14:00-15:00
Guest Speaker: PESGB Young Professionals
Topic: YP Lockdown Lectures: Core in EOR: Making Your Core Go Further

Date/Time: Monday 3 August 2020 – 13:00-14:00
Topic: New Graduates & Young Professionals – A Guide to Finding a Job (Virtual Course)

Date/Time: Wednesday 15 July 2020 – 19:00-20:00
Topic: Young Professionals Virtual Hash Run Celebration Quiz


Join this SIG

Who are the PESGB Young Professionals?
The PESGB YPs are a group within the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain who cater to the needs of those with 10 or less years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. The YP group is run by Young Professionals, for Young Professionals. With committee members based in London, Aberdeen and Dublin we deliver multiple events every year, actively providing opportunities for YPs at the beating heart of the industry.

What is the aim of the PESGB Young Professionals?
The Young Professionals’ aim is to support and develop early career geoscientists; allowing everybody from students, new graduates and not-so-new graduates to benefit from cross-industry communication channels. As part of our work we look to assist in the career decisions of current undergraduate and postgraduate geoscience students who are contemplating what opportunities are open to them, making them aware of what the petroleum industry can offer and giving them a support network if they decide to join.

What can the PESGB Young Professionals do for me?
The YP community is active year-round, and you’re always welcome to come along. Seminars are frequently hosted, along with networking and social events, annual lectures, field trips and more. The YPs also manage the society-wide mentoring scheme and undergraduate mapping sponsorship’s.

Student mapping project:
The SIG is one again offering the opportunity to gain funding for mapping projects. See our FAQ’s document here

PESGB Technical Book Transfer Scheme:
The Old Timers and Young Professionals SIG’s have created the Technical Book Transfer Scheme to allow Young Professionals to purchase a collection of books for a reduced cost. By doing so we hope to help aid young professionals in the industry by giving these books a new home, kindly donated by PESGB members. All proceeds will be donated to the PESGB.

If you see a book you would like to purchase or have a book you are no longer in need of, please contact who will arrange the logistics and help guide you through the process. To see the current list, please log into your account on the membership platform and click on the ‘Technical Book Transfer Scheme’ group page. To view the Old Timer’s SIG page click here.

Organisations wishing to sponsor the Young Professionals SIG should contact:

To join this Special Interest Group you must be a PESGB member. Please visit to find out more about becoming a member.


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