Young Professionals



Who are the PESGB Young Professionals?

The PESGB YPs are a group within the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain who cater to the needs of those with 10 or less years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. The YP group is run by Young Professionals, for Young Professionals. With committee members based  in London, Aberdeen and Dublin we deliver multiple events every year, actively providing opportunities for YPs at the beating heart of the industry.

Young Professionals Committee :

London: Ben Dewhirst, Alex Kurobasa, Niamh Walsh, Jade Metcalfe, Ben Panting, Joe Milward, Holly – Marie Owen

Aberdeen: Valentino Monroy Gomez, Ben Hedley, Sophie Guy Pearson

Ireland: Conor O’Sullivan

What is the aim of the PESGB Young Professionals?
The Young Professionals’ aim is to support and develop early career geoscientists; allowing everybody from students, new graduates and not-so-new graduates to benefit from cross-industry communication channels.  As part of our work we look to assist in the career decisions of current undergraduate and postgraduate geoscience students who are contemplating what opportunities are open to them, making them aware of what the petroleum industry can offer and giving them a support network if they decide to join.

What can the PESGB Young Professionals do for me?
The YP community is active year-round, and you’re always welcome to come along. Seminars are frequently hosted, along with networking and social events, annual lectures, field trips and more. The YPs also manage the society-wide mentoring scheme and undergraduate mapping sponsorships.

Organisations wishing to sponsor the Young Professionals SIG should contact:

To join this Special Interest Group you must be a PESGB member. Please visit to find out more about becoming a member.

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