In 2018, our members gave over 1650 hours of their time and skills in a voluntary capacity.  This made a huge difference to the organisation.  This included, volunteering on the committees, helping with the website, working in the office on projects, volunteering at conferences and workshops, running field trips and courses, contributing to the magazine, the development of the North Sea Map  and running events up and down the country for the regional groups and the Special interest groups.  I haven’t included the hours given over to mentoring students and the time many of you give to talk about careers in Geo Science at schools and events.  There is a history and a culture of volunteering within the geoscience industry that our members can be justly proud of.

Volunteer Application Form

Why volunteer with us?


  • Give back to the geoscience community
  • Develop ideas that you believe in
  • Offer skills to fill the gap, develop new ones and enhance your CV where appropriate

Volunteering for the PESGB should always be a 2-way relationship where both parties get a benefit.  We can offer interesting and challenging opportunities, where you can get a sense of satisfaction from a job done well.  There are opportunities for roles with decision making elements, positions with responsibilities and the opportunity to make a difference to elements of the membership.  Volunteers are recognised and embraced as part of the PESGB team

Opportunities can be time limited, on a regular basis, at a venue, the office or from your desk in some cases. Over 6 months or 6 hours, volunteering really can be shaped to fit in with what you are doing.


  • Consult the community
  • Develop new ideas
  • Bring in new skills
  • Achieve what would otherwise be impossible

Within the PESGB team and Council we have big ambitions for the Society, things we would like to achieve, new projects and the re-imagining of existing activities.  These are ideas that would benefit from careful consideration and the time to develop and deliver the desired outcomes.

This is where volunteering provides an opportunity to make these things happen and historically our members have been happy to participate, particularly in conference committees and making ’tangible things happen’.  This willingness to ‘help’ is something the industry can be justly proud of.

Volunteers receive expenses as it shouldn’t cost you money to give your time.  Travel costs and lunch can be reimbursed on presentation of receipts.

Hear from a volunteer…

Current Roles

Regional group event organiser

The Regional groups do great work in offering opportunities for members outside London and Aberdeen to engage with the PESGB and we value their contribution enormously.  Some of the groups are active and others are suffering from a lack of interest.  This role would re-look at the less active groups and explore the companies that work in the area for opportunities to build the activity back up.  This can be done from the office or at home (or a mixture) it’s quite flexible and the role is time limited, if that’s required, as once the group is back up and running they are pretty self-sufficient.

Website Industry news journalist

Our new website requires lots of new and up to date content.  If you are interested in writing about what’s happening in the industry, who is taking over who and who has had some success to celebrate then we would like to hear from you.  Good English skills and the ability to cross check your articles to make sure they are fact is essential.  We require approximately one article per week of around 500 words.  This is not office based at all and we would require a minimum of 13 articles from you.

Anecdotes from the start of the North Sea oil industry boom – create and refresh the page

As the society started with the North Sea we wanted to feature this on the website with stories and resources for members.  This volunteering role involves setting up the page content and refreshing it on a quarterly basis.  Seeking out new articles and contacting members for stories.  This role can be done from home or the office and the initial commitment is one year.

Social Media Content Editor

We are looking for a volunteer to write/identify/source some technical content for our social media platforms and to schedule it around the events and activity that is happening in the Society.  If you can spare a half day every week to help us with this, we would be very grateful.  It’s something that is really building for the Society and has the capacity to make quite the impact.

To volunteer, or for further information on opportunities, please contact maria@pesgb.org.uk

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