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2022 PESGB Council Elections

Thu 12 August 2021

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Have you ever thought about joining the PESGB Council? It could be because you think we do a great job, despite the difficult environment, and you would like to help us do more. Or it could be that you think we are doing it all wrong and we need your guidance with the direction of the society.

Whatever your motivation, why not join the Council? They are a great group of people, who bring not only their knowledge of their industry, but also their insight into the wants and needs of the membership. Their support for the office team is invaluable and their networks ever useful in supplying advise as well as speakers for a variety of activity.

Our vision is – The PESGB will be relevant, useful, and beneficial to members at every stage of their careers within the petroleum industry

President Elect

The role of President Elect is to support the President during their year in office in anticipation of the president elect taking on the role.

  • The President Elect is responsible for chairing the PROSPEX committee and takes the lead in ensures PROSPEX success.
  • The President Elect is responsible for organising the annual elections that fill the rotating positions on the Council. Ensuring the election is viewed positively and the roles available are contested.
  • The President Elect represents the member’s interests to the council and ensures their views are always considered.
  • When the President is not available the President Elect will chair the meetings of the Council.
  • President Elect will attend the Outreach and SCID Committee

Aberdeen Elect

The role of Director Elect of Aberdeen is to be a representative for the PESGB in Aberdeen and will be the Aberdeen Director the following year, then Aberdeen Past President.

  • Organising the Granite City Reception for the membership. Sourcing the venue and working with the office team on the logistics.
  • Acts as Chair at the monthly lectures (currently online as part of the main programme) if the Aberdeen Director is not present.
  • Work with the Aberdeen Director on DEVEX.

Communications Director

  • Edits monthly Magazine.
  • Chairs the Communication Subcommittee
  • Offers support to the Office on the direction and success of their communications with members.
  • Answer’s members complaints about communications.
  •  Review the PESGB social media and suggests new ways to engage.


  • Responsible for Society finances and reporting on long term health of society
  •  Account signatory
  • Supporting Executive Director in Finance Management
  • Responsible for updating the Finance related policies of the organisation and implementation of recommendations following the audit.
  • Sits on the Governance Committee
  • Reports at the AGM.

Outreach Director

  • Organises the Annual SIG and RG Summit.
  • Create a following year plan for SIGs and RGs getting their input and commitment.
  • Supports the delivery of the Geoliteracy and Stoneley activity.
  • Creates a new SIG for the PESGB during their tenure.
  • Sits on the Membership Committee

Director Education and Training

  • Develops field trips, training courses and workshops with support from the office.
  • Establishes relationships with other societies that offer training and workshops to enter into mutually beneficial agreements.
  • Builds relationships with universities to ensure the societies offers what the future geoscientists require.

YP Director

  • Represents the PESGB YPs and students on the Council.
  • Develops the student membership offer with support from the Council.
  • Attends University Open Days if appropriate.
  • Recruits YPs to the YP Committee.
  • Ensures that YPs and their interests are at the forefront of strategies across the society.
  • Co-Chairs the Mentoring Committee

If you have a passion for the PESGB and would like to contribute to the success of the society then do please get in touch with Maria: by Monday 11 October 2021. 

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